Children of the homeguards & state machinery: The cartels.

As some celebrate the demise of Mike Sonko, few remain aware of the parasites that have been ailing this nation. Since the white man left, the country fell into the hands of crooks dressed neatly, men who had colaborated in oppressing fellow African. This group who served as cooks, drivers, gardeners and guards for the colonialist went on to inherit prime wealth as the settlers departed. They also become the first high ranking state officers of the newly formed African government. They awarded themselves with big parcels of land and shares in publicly owned enterprises. Today they’re gone, however, their children have since taken over from them. The new group carrys on with their fathers’ habit. They are still grabbing land and bagging lucrative govt tenders. Their behavior has led the country into more and more debt. Sonko and Waititu are the fall guys because of their loud mouths but the reality remains, the real crooks are still laughing all the way to the bank.

Ukweli Kenya ina wenyewe

Way forward ? A panelist of one of the TV shows, said he read a book about Nairobi from 1915 or 19 to 1950, and the challenges that were facing Nairobi then were, water supply, drainage and housing.
We are still lamenting about the same today, a 100 years down the road.
It’s a high time we start talking about solutions.

I think we have a very big problem, shika big fish, when big fish is arrested oh no dynasties are shafting poor people, WTF maybe there might be no corruption in Kenya at all in the first place. We complain about everything.

Try to seize back Kenyatta family’s illegal assets and watch the Kikuyu tribe come down on you like a hive of angry bees

you are right my brother,kina kirima,michukis,koinanges,karumes hawa ndio mababa zao waliwajengea familia zao barabara, hata wakikuja na hekaya za “i was born poor” hio haitambuliki.Sonko is guilty of whatever he’s charged for, but at what cost compared to the murderers,land displacers and tribal wars inciters that we condone

Who will rescue this city?


When colonial Governor Edward Northey was sent to Nairobi, he faced the wrath of European settlers in February 1919 who asked the Nairobi maverick Col Ewart Grogan – the man who built the Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital – to deliver a classic welcoming speech:

“Before we sit down to business with you sir, before we tabulate to you all our innumerable woes of the last 14 years, we are entitled to know whether you have been sent here as another telephone exchange girl …This country is not willing to be governed by secretariat officers, men of little more brains than the creatures that crawl around at the bottom of the sea … we want people with a vision that extends beyond the end of the noses …”

It was a classic piece.

For the past 50 years, Nairobi has deteriorated into a sorry state, thanks to inept policies, wanton theft and lack of foresight.
For ages, it has been the victim of whistle-start whistle-stop policies, unorthodox bylaws, and plunder.

The broken city has, in turn, become the destination of a myriad of jobless people escaping the dilapidating poverty in the countryside – only to swell the numbers of jobless who pay no taxes to the city but demand services.

Eastlands, once a blue-collar neighborhood with solid middle-class that included African legislators, senior clerks, and fresh university graduates from Uganda’s Makerere, has become the haven of hobos, misfits, conmen and organized gangs – and they easily get their own into leadership.

At the moment, an estimated four million live in the more than 200 slums and informal settlements – up from 50 in 1971 – and thus straining the infrastructure and encroaching on former green spaces. By 1971, the slums only housed 32 percent (167,000 people) of its population of 520,000 people. Today, more than 60 percent of Nairobi residents live in the slums.…3T6lvum264fhwUiUaH2ngFUZzhix9w3JEcqhMz4BuFVlo

Musa Wa Musa:
2017 might have been the worst elections in Kenya - MCAs, MPs, Senators, Governors, et al - there are far too many criminals and people lacking integrity. We have set a bad example that anyone can buy his way to leadership. Since he was elected city hall was a slow-moving train wreck. Sonko used dirty money - dishing out to poor Nairobians who saw him as their savior from poverty. Poverty can turn one into a slave, etc

we had our “high time” way back in 1963.i wonder why we even celebrate that don’t make any shit sense

Eat, and let’s eat. The current policy

going by your picture example, that above is Uncle Sam. hapa kwetu hatuna priorities.Same same but different

Even though these 2 clowns (YT2 & Sonko) stole peanuts compared to others I cannot defend thieving. Wezi wote wafungwe.
The only time I’ll support a thief is when a bigger thief is attempting to become a leader/president/PM

Agreed completely

Are you indirectly saying only Ruto is allowed to steal?

Read that post again and again. Nowhere did I complain about big fish being arrested all I did was to point out that the real crooks are yet to be reached.

These politicians are all hyenas. Whoever gets caught in the trap is the first one to get killed. And on and on and on.
We the wananchi cannot appear to defend the small hyenas hoping to catch the big ones.

That is true, we can build an expressway worth 69 billion in 2 years but and water conveyance system which would be half the price is a big problem. The solution is a revolution first to get rid of the old guard.


You have no moral standing to be an elder anywhere .None whatsoever …

If that’s the criteria then everybody would be new member including you.
My logic in that line you quoted is choosing the lesser of 2 evils.

Regardless im disappointed if you are the kind of youth from ukambani to lead this country way after we are are gone. I’m worried to be honest