Children inherit their intelligence from their mothers. say (some) scientists

cognitive ability is determined mostly by mothers genes. Additionally, Environmental factors also play a key role a nurturing mother in the first 8 years of a child’s life is very important their offspring IQ . socioeconomic status is also important as those from rich backgrounds tend to be more exposed hence more intelligent. They also have good nutrition (here dads are responsible. Overall mothers play a vital role. Not to discredit fathers.
“I am not going to marry a chimpanzee” says Truman kapondi. (jungus all the way to paradise) she adds. Not knowing that a jungu will have an insignificant impact on her offspring mental capacity because the buck stops with her.

True squad ya SJ, VIP na river road… Maybe their mums were at the streets too, ni kitu iko kwa damu yao.

Mtoto wa nyoka gonga kichwa ua.

most of our grandmother’s were just ordinary women. Even currently you can find some mothers hawashikanishi but kids are bright…Look at top kcpe performers .
Don’t compare studies done in societies that are mutilating their kids in the name of gender transition

Curse are passed through DNA and blood, and blood.

The X chromosome carries the gene for intelligence.

For boys they get their X chromosome from their mothers and therefore intelligence from her too.

Girls get both their XX chromosome from both parents, so a girls intelligence can co.e fr either of her parents.

So, in conclusion, don’t just look at the nyash when selecting a partner to breed with. Tafta msichana alipota KCSE atleast B- and above, so that your kids do not struggle! :D:D

I highly doubt these studies based on anecdotal evidence from single mothers who got married and comparative IQ of the bastards vs those born in the marriage…

This is still arguable! Got a close uncle who happens to be a doctor married to an average primary school teacher. Guess what, all his kids are practicing doctors.

So what’s the point if any of these happens to your ‘intelligent’ brood:

  • Smokes weed and addiction renders him/her useless in campus after getting that coveted A.
  • Ends up working at a firm run by a low IQ bonobo

Add more to the list…