Children born from sidechicks

They all have one thing in common: They become SUCCESSFUL in life. Hard facts.

  1. Sakanja
  2. Saitoti
  3. Ledama
  4. Lee
    … And the list endless[ATTACH=full]338571[/ATTACH]

King Solomon in bible

Singo matha amekua side chick when?

The few you have selected are called outliers majority are not successful

Funza jamaa about the survivorship bias.

Children come to this World Free of the Sins of their Parents …
Any stigma attached to them is man-made …

Sakaja ni junia wa Atwoli hio tunajua

Uwongo mtupu.Investigate & get your facts right instead of relying on fake media & blogs.In the photo those are Sakaja’s real folks & thats not Atwoli.His Dad used to work in Firestone while the mum was an administrator in the Prisons dept…

What is the population count of these children as per the last census carried out in kenya?
And how many have made it big in life?

huyo ni atwoli banaeee

Low-IQ natives’ love for gossip…

Not true

You are spoiling a good mogoka discussion by injecting logic into it.

Never let critical thinking get in the way of a good story

Exactly, when you do that, they consider you a spoilsport.

Nipewe Paybill number ninue kilo moja ya mogoka…

Who was Saitotis Father. Sakaja is the Son of the Union of a respected Sabaot Businessman and a Hard-working Lady from Ikolimani. Sakaja is the most successful Sabaot Politician apart from The Wamalwas.