Childhood Trauma - Our young ladies are so traumatised bcz of being abandoned by their dads

So painful to hear these stories, nikikumbuka how my dad used to spoil me and defend me. These ladies were all alone. So painful aki. Men please dont abandon your kids please . The results are so so bad. Huwezi taka damu yako going through all this. So hurting. Why would you let your kid go through this kind of hell. Men need to style up.

Mostly this is because of kids having kids.

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Did you hear Unye saying that there’s a million under 18 single mums in Kenya? A million! Like the girl who keeps crying.

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Huyo the first case, you go to university and drop out juu unapeana senye ovyo ovyo, you let off your baby daddy and make excuses for your father yet you lay all blame on your mother and set very high standards for her?

At least at University you should be able to count safe days or use a condom.

It’s just gross irresponsibility on her part, and the problem is she may end up raising another child the wrong way.

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That’s what happens when you become a single mother. The thing is you can’t blame the mom for being bitter. She got married in a church and as such expected the father to be financially responsible for the children. She was extremely depressed by the broken marriage.

The absent father who was not in the kids’ lives was idolized and the struggling mother was demonised. The girl was doing what many broke and hungry female students do. They get a boyfriend or a sponyo if they are pretty and connected to the network of the sponyo kept girls in campus. She had nothing to eat so she just moved in with a guy who could at least help her eat.

The baby daddy is like her dad, he can’t help her much and she’s not hard on him bcz she’s not hard on her dad either. She’s come to believe that it is the woman’s or mother’s job to raise a child. And now she wants to correct her mother’s negligence by being the mom she never had with her daughter. She is re- raising herself.

I expected the interviewer to call to her attention when she said that you can’t expect a father to be responsible for raising a child but she didn’t pick that blind spot up and bring it to the girl’s awareness that she copulated with a man like her a dad, not just irresponsible but incapacitated by lack of finances. She recreated her childhood but now she was going to beat her mother at being a good mother.

Things will then turn around when her own daughter starts idolising and asking for her absent father and not appreciating her sacrifices. That is when she will become bitter and heartbroken just like her mother. Her daughter will abandon her and go out and get pregnant irresponsibly herself. It’s called family systems.

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Your analysis is so spot on.

She copulates with a man like her father, and gives him a pass, no demands for raising his seed. She appreciates the 200 he occasionally sends just as she appreciates the 20/- her father used to send her. It’s a free ticket for the boys.

She blames her mother and takes it upon herself to better her. Hadi saa hii the person she is bitter with is the mother. That’s a system kweli kweli

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Life is spiritual. When the devil wants to destroy several generations he uses marriage/polygamy and divorce. You marry a non believer or your marriage breaks and ends in divorce or polygamy. After that changing that pattern becomes very difficult. If one of the offspring has a promise of marriage in their future, that offspring is struck down by disease and premature death especially the seed bearer. The enemy gets a legal ground to hatch all kinds of evil. Kianjakoma bros, bros who got burned in Kitengela, the lady who sings Mugithi, the cases are so many.

If you are single mother you must be a very militant prayer warrior. Satan is very persistent foe. He knocks down the man with alcohol. Knocks down the woman with divorce. Knocks down the bright daughter’s education with pregnancy and knocks down the son with diabetes type 1. If someone won’t intervene in the battle spiritually which takes no less than three years of persistent heart felt prayer, that genetic line is gone. Kill marriage. Steal offspring destiny, Destroy the generations. Remember that the area is a stronghold of marine spirits. As a Christian if you are not close to God in such areas you will lose your entire generation.

When you see the devil amekuweza on one side don’t lie down bcz he won’t stop there. Unfortunately none of them have spiritual perspective on the nexus of their numerous problems.

Her daughter will one day despise her the way she despises her mother. She will give her absent father a free pass and even idolize him and blame her mom for her lack of a dad. The same isolation and despair her mom is going through will be what her daughter will put her through. Her daughter will be a rogue but she will fear putting her foot down bcz she doesn’t want to be the harsh uncaring mother like her mother she will spoil the child and thus destroy her future.