Child theif caught removing boys eyes.

Shit is just sad. Kenya is becoming one giant crime scene everyday kuna new sadistic crime happening na D- zimelala kwa kazi. The guy amefanyiwa team building haraka sana.
Gory images.

Mbona wamama wanapenda kupiga nduru ovyo ovyo? Hata huyo mtoi amewashinda, he’s soo calm in that situation. What a G.

I hope they killed that fakah though.

They should have moved that kid to the side first. Then gouged that mans eyes out.

gouging his eyes will take time from kupata volunteers to tools na askari watafika wam rescue the best thing ni petrol immediately askari wapate ashes

Ohhh my… really painful…

Kill it… Wah but the best approach is to make sure that you torture the guy to lead you to the leaders of the syndicate.
Who most likely are @Mimi Huwa Namwagiwa Ndanii shot saba boyfriends the numerous Nigerians we have allowed in Kenya. Sijui mbona Kenya nchi malaya hivi anyone just comes and fucks around then leaves. Sad

Mental health issues are real.

Right here kwa jiji we have a few prominent ones starting this that psychopath @patco @t…vercetti and her multitude of handles.

Things are just getting started. Expect more cases like these and worse in future. Konyagi’s borrowing habits and overtaxation have far-reaching consequences.

Konyagi borrows —> Government Officials Loot the Money (2billion/day) ----> Kenyans are Overtaxed to repay what Konyagi Borrowed (Gas, Fuel, Airtime, Beer etc) ----> Kenyans become financially desperate and resort to serious crimes

I think the brain shuts down when exposed to extreme pain. However, I am not sure about that.

Na macho ya mtoto anapeleka wapi? Witchcraft ritual ama ni ya kazi gani

Tuwache priss! I also just screamed sahii while watching the clip. Mayoooooo!

Mambo ya wamama wachia wamama. Ambia serikali ipambane na magaidi

This is just the beginning. As the economy continues to pinch ,people are opting for witchcraft as the last resort.

Yeah… poor baby is in shock.

This 2B a days is just cliche. A figure of speech. No real facts behind it and now a overused term.

That nigga should be dead. Period

Wtf. Serikali should reopen Nyayo house tocha chamberz na iwekwe livestream. Might as well start kama onlyfans to earn treasury some coin from those crazy Eastern europeans who’d love to watch torture porn and snuff films for these perpetrators…

Huyo mtoto atagrow up na trauma ingine wazimu, and it’s sad to say but with our shithole psychiatric care, he might grow up to repeat the same thing that was done to him

I always swear that I will desist from joining a team building exercise lakini this is one exercise I would gladly take part in.

That man deserved to die right there.

Death is a huge favor kwa seitan kama uyo, anafaa torture for some months. All nails should be clipped out with a pliers, long pins inserted slowly kwa fingers, makende zifinywe flat, eyes gouged out and finally nails into the head