Child Support

Inakaa kunguru wanataka kuangamizwa. Hii 50-50 bill ikipita women will stop viewing rich men as cash cows and using the law to exploit them.

Unapata kunguru making 20k per month seeking 100k child support from her baby daddy. Equal contribution is the way to go so that gold diggers can stop exploiting rich men.

This law will kill the divorce business for kunguruz.



@Azor Ahai the boy :D:D:D mwenye alikuzaa… wacha tu

Si Ungeangamisa iyo brownskin chieth tu.

ikuwe 50-50 tuheshimiane, akipeleka mtoto shule ya 1 million fees alipe 500k alete reciept nilipe difference

Fare, as it should be.

Let it pass very quickly