child support

[SIZE=7]You should not have to pay child support to a kid that isn’t yours[/SIZE]
It’s ridiculous that a woman can lie to you that you’re the father and later on when you find out you are not the father the courts can still make you pay child support for a kid that’s not yours. I don’t care if it negatively affects the child that man shouldn’t have to pay a dime and the mom should be responding for any child support refund like any other debt.

Kuja polepole nvchieth na facts

Yes of course. Men must be given a right to pull out. Unfortunately, that is not the opinion of the law courts. The law courts believe that the rights of the bastard are supreme, and that the man should be the sacrificial lamb. Also DNA testing without mother’s permission is banned in most situations. There is nothing men can do about this situation except sit and watch how to see how things will finally play out when a society is living under such legislations for a prolonged period. Of course a few impatient ones might resort to clandestine measures to effect justice.

Well I doubt. Can you come with evidence because they cannot force you if you are not the father.

A bear trap every direction you turn to, legal is no substitute for morality.

Thats the law google it. You can try search term, “court orders man to pay child support despite dna result showing child not his.”

Establishing biological paternity is the best way for a non-biological parent to avoid child support. However, many states may still order child support payments if you are an equitable father (especially if the biological father has not been identified).

The law is truly a bitch.

Nasikia Michigan wanaiita ‘Dad by default’. Hata upatiane DNA, judge anakusomea kama mtoto ati unakosea kujitoa kwa life ya mtoi kimasomaso.

Cunt relate…

Pale kwa trump once you sign the birth certificate you is screwed… lakini apa kwetu sijui kama kuna sheria kama io.

The feminist wave is here already! The reason we are putting women representatives and no men representatives in legislation bodies is so that they can garner majority in house to pass feminist laws. It will not be long

I honestly can understand how some of these bullshit laws see the light of day yet we is the majority in the positions that are charged with responsibility of coming up with such laws… we is fully responsible we can’t blame on anyone.

The guys who are running government know that women vote in largw numbers so they are willing to bend to accommodate passing of such weird laws. Utasikia vile kutaenda hivi karibuni. MGTOW sio wajinga. Ni watu wameona vile life imekuwa packaged na wakaanza kujitoa polepole.

Pale Trumpland ukishasign birth certificate wewe ndio baba as far as the law is concerned. DNA results after that won’t change shit. You can also be forced to pay child support if you’re a sperm donor. There’s a certain peasant who was sued for child support by a lesbian couple he had donated his sperm to and the court ordered him to pay. If this starts happening here, that’s the time MGTOW/red pill will start making sense to the majority of blue pill betas.

Not entirely true. In certain circumstances, you can actually file to be removed from the birth certificate due to a DNA result. However this will not release you from child support payments.Those payments are based on acknowledgement of paternity. This is a whole other subject. To legally stop child support, the courts require 2 things. You must prove that the mother committed fraud at the time she gave you the info. And the biological father must be identified and located. A women can sleep with two men at the same time and not know the father. So she gives you the wrong info. In this case, this is not a fraud.

This thing can creates lots of mashoga going their own way. Not good for developing nations.

acha nikwambie mzeiya, ukipata dem ako na ball alafu uanze kumkula au upate dem na mtoi and you assume parental responsibility, you are from that day on the father of the child, you have assumed repsonsbility as a father and you cannot alienate your child juu mlikosana na mama. Be very careful about assuming responsbility. Usiwahi tumia kunguru message kwa mpesa na usiwahi jibu message zake, you will become the assumed fahter of the child my nigga na utalipa deni kubwa sana

We only eat and enter the forest

Leta hekaya

In this case, this is not a fraud. Heheheee… Can sleep with two men at the same time! This is not a fraud. Let that sink in