Child Serial Killer Wanjala says he did not act alone started killing at age 16

Wazazi wa Kenya itabidi mukaze mshipi in monitoring your kids, people are sick out here. Jamaa confessed ameua 12 kids from different counties.

Is this validated. Or is he spitting delusional numbers?

Except the two, have they confirmed any other murders. You cannot just rely on the word of a mad man. Plus is there physical evidence connecting him to the two murders that are known?

Fucck the DCI. I heard he started killing she he was 16.

If the DCI investigated kitambo when kids started disappearing, so many children would have been saved.

Fuck the DCI. They should have started investigating when the kids started disappearing

Onyancha is free…he too took the police to where he buried the bodies and there was a media frenzy about it (kama hii tu)…Let me not get started on the Naivasha self confessed “Vampire” and canibal Geoffrey Matheri aka “fongo” who was freed as well…