Child Predators on the internet

My question is, don’t these women ever get a gut feeling that their husbands are not good people. Sleeping next to a man for 10 years is not an excuse to give him a carte Blanche trust. Unaona Hawa mabwana zenu @Purple. Some one like Ted Bundy and Grim Sleeper had wives. Kwani 6th sense ya mwanamke ilienda wapi? This is why you need to spy on your spouse and even your kids.

Child predator hawezi ficha hizo tabia nyumbani. Women usually spot a certain kasoro but just ignore. Some unusual behaviors.

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Ted bundy was an extremely charismatic man you might judge those women and view yourself as better than them but if that guy managed to charm more than thirty women lie to his wife for all those years without any hair rising incidents then box ungeingia pia. I read on quora and reddit of so many victims who were simply lucky they were not his type despite being driven home or meeting him in person. Dont judge those women so harshly it happens and a psychopath is extremely difficult to spot

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There are misconceptions about Ted Bundy. One is that he was super intelligent. He actually failed most units in his law course. In her interview, his then gf who was a single mother with a daughter who was 12 which was the age of his last victim whom he raped and murdered brutally, she recalls one time Bundy was in a boat with her and he became somewhat possessed and almost drowned her but came back to his senses and saved her. Lemme get you the clip coz my mind never forgets the defining moments in the lives of cereal killers.Quora and reddit don’t do serial killers justice because it is just a commentary to understand a serial killer you must watch biopics, movies, documentaries, like my favorite serial killer is Jeffrey Dahmer. I have watched every thing about him. Including comic books about him. I know his trivia. You can’t rely on one source or on op Ed’s. Different people have different details about him so to get the picture you have to research alot. Bundy had a type which was the traits of his first gf who rejected him because he lacked ambition according to her. He hunted women who were replicas of her. Bundy was the name of his step dad.

Bundy talking about his 12 yo victim same age as his step daughter with James Dobson . He never as much as raised his voice at his gf and her 12 yo daughter. He was so loyal to his gf and her daughter.

Look for the Bundy tapes which he was interviewed by this guy, he came closest to cracking Bundy. It was impossible to get under Bundy skin but this guy came pretty close.

Almost everything you typed there i was already aware but some are new to me like the clip you posted above. I think most serial killers share similar characteristics/similar upbringings. There’s that thing umesema hapo how he tried drowning his girlfriend reminds me of an old reddit post of a lady confessing kijana wake akijaribu kumfanyia vivyo hivyo out of the blue when they went camping/fishing.

Always some bizzare agenda when it comes to serial killers, whether its the first person they fell for or their abusive mum whom they kill over and over in their fantasies i suppose with most its a combination of nature and nuture. I used to really love dark documentaries especially about serial killers. Jeffrey dahmer, ed kemper, charles mason, Btk killer etc but over the years ive noticed my tolerance is drastically decreasing. That shit leaves me feeling depressed now if i watch enough of it. Incidentally have you watched mindhunter a remarkable series that one based on all these guys

They’re usually like that i dont know how they can afford to compartmentalize such things so casually. You can find a serial killer being the best of partners very loyal as well as a family man kumbe huku kando anakula watu ma shoka sawasawa.

When you imagine guys like the zodiac killer who were never actually caught unaachwa ukishangaa how many of them are roaming the streets. Last year nikiwa Western Australia kuna moja alishikwa from the same suburb some of clients live in after almost two decades. It was the first time that felt real to me izi vitu hua unaona kwa Tv unapuuza until its right next to you

Mind hunter is an act. The real deal is much better. I prefer documentaries to reenactments and movies which embellish. Some movies are good though because they give you different perspectives.

For example the latest movie about Jeffrey Dahmer is called My friend Jeffrey which is based on his friends in high school recollection of who Dahmer was before he became a serial killer, it humanised him alot. The other movies sensationalized his hunting ritual of picking up gey prostitutes in bars and drugging men at gey bars and having sex with them uwesmake style. Everything I’ve watched omits Dahmer abusing his fellow soldiers during his stint in the army.

The reason crime buffs are so obsessed is so that they can get all the details and put the puzzle together.

I have crime fiction and reality since I was a child. I actually look at True crime from an analytic post mortem point of view like Johansen Oduor dissecting a body. It’s very detached. I remember the first time I felt phased by Dahmers crimes was when I saw limbs that were being brought out of his Milwaukee apartments and suddenly it hit me that these were actual people that this happened to.

The most recent craze in the true crime community is obsessing over every minutae of the Chris Watts case. Recently someone added me to a group that is in memory of Shannon Ruzeck, Cece and Bella, the wife and 3 and 4 yo daughters he killed. They were hundreds of photos and home videos and suddenly it hit me that these were real people that this happened to. It humanised them. They stopped being abstract and I found myself crying and I realized that for the 3 years I religiously followed this crime I never once shed a tear or felt a profound sense of loss over their senseless murders. The case that horrified me from the get go was of the kidnap and slaying of Cash garnon a 4 yo boy and cupcake a 3 yo girl.

The common thread in the story of these serial killers is that they would be overcome by dark forces. Like Bundy and even Dahmer whose 1st victim he bludgeoned to death while in an alcohol induced black out, he could not remember a thing. The most prolific serial killer who was black Samuel Little who killed close to 100 women and started his killing career later in life in his 30s said that he struggled with a dark force that wanted him to strangle women since he was 6 years old, in his 30s the desires overcame him.

child predators target single moms… ukiona nigga is getting top close to the child, there is probably cause for concern

Aii man we uko na nguvu. Now i dont think i can do that, seeing corpses of victimized children now will most definitely make me feel something bad. Before moving from the place i grew up in kibera years ago by the age of ten it was normal for me to see people getting hacked to death or burnt or stoned and the occasional knifing all in a span of a week or two. Never felt anything during that time it was just a way of life. I think thats why i was able to watch such documentaries with zero issues. Ever since i relocated out of the country its like as the years progressed all the emotions i thought were dead or non existent have slowly but surely flowed back in now such things can at times make me shiver. The way this guys can chop up children and women and just keep on living their lives is honestly traumatic. Personally i dont buy into “demonic” forces all of them have mental issues. The problem is determining which one. I liked mind hunter because it reenacted in almost every minute detail how the actual serial killers looked and behaved like. Like charles manson was way too accurate. The most disturbing one to me was edmund kemper and i mean the real one because unlike all the others who seemed…off…he was just a normal guy. Hell this guy even understood that he was disturbed!! he spoke in the most rational way possible. Like look at this clip honesty he speaks like some sort of politician

Strangely enough i didnt know Dahmer was in the army i wonder what his mates thought of him. But he was as dark as they came and a cannibal at that. Uyo alikua ireedemable. You sound like you’re fascinated by morbid cases if so why didnt you study forensic pathology? or are you one already