Child Bearing

Scientists have discovered…

Women married by men with short deeks have a less chance of conceiving boys and a high chance of bearing girls. The opposite is true for women married by men with long deeks. This was explained as follows:

The male sperm swims faster and tires quicker compared to the female sperm. When a short deek ejaculates, the distance between the female egg and the deek tip is longer than in a scenario with a long deek. In such cases the male sperm tires quick and it is the female sperm that reaches the destination. On the other hand a longer deek increases the chances of the male sperm swimming successfully to the egg, as the tip-egg distance here is much shorter. :slight_smile:


  1. Look at your family, what’s the ratio of boys to girls?
  2. Look at the demographics in Kenya vs South Sudan, what can you deduce?
  3. Is science a bit*h or is it supreme?

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China Now Has 33,5 Million More Men Than Women .unless they hold the world record for the longest deeks then yeah

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Unasema nini na uko class?

Unasema nini na uko class?

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