Chikungunya (Msg going round msa whatsapp groups)


For as little as 500sh you can treat chikungunya effectively at home within 2 days through the grace of Almighty,inshAllah.
The cure is prescribed by this indian. (what worked for me, there are many remedies out there)

For those who cant watch the clip coz its in hindi here is the recipe.

  1. 10 madafus costing 400sh. Drink 5 daily.
  2. Make this tea and drink 3 times a day after meals.
    (tulsi) basili leaves,
    (neem) mwarobaini seeds/leaves,
    Raw ginger(not powder),
    Manjano powder(turmeric),
    And a 5th ingredient which i dint understand from the clip, if you do you can include it (black seeds kinda thingy)

So boil all the ingredients until they boil then cool off n distill.

Enjoy your cure.

Note that while you are sick rest alot, do not work normally, drink alot of madafu,stretch your joints,massage with olive oil.

The trick is to capture it early before it puts you down.

Spread this to others so that people can benefit.


@inzhener otmetka @Kasighau @kinglonde mko vipi?

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do you mean strain (kuchunga) coz you cannot distill what is cooled?

Djinn wangu amesema moyo wa paka mweusi tu…

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Yenyewe hiyo ni home remedy. In the other thread @Purple told us madafu ndio cure.

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Msg copy pasted as is from estate group

She was right

Mombasa is a no go zone hadi 2019

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inakaa osungu iliwalemea kiasi. edit here itusaidie.

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We have worse Swahili


Vs si wameze tu dawa.

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Imefika nairofi ama, tuanze kununua madafu na mapema…


Bado. Lakini anza kutumia mosquito repellant badala ya Arimis


Please enda to hosipitali ukatibiwe

This chikungunya…
Another son got it today.
@jumabekavu, saidia!

@Meria Mata, ataleta 40ft container ya madafu huko ilofi. Place your orders.

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Mpe madafu as the experts have said

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Na wenyeji wa Mombasa waende wapi?

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Haina conventional cure wala preventive vaccine. The only medicine utapewa ni pain killers na dawa za kureduce fever (paracetamol or acetaminophen).