Hii kijiji yenu vipi

Its still going strong sir.

Classic song!!

[SIZE=5]Tangu nikufundishe that poor Romani gypsies ni wahindi kutoka Punjab India wala sio wazungu halisi ulifunga virago vyako na ukahama mtaa. I think you are a very emotional bonobo. suits your arrogant character perfectly! A marriage made in heaven.[/SIZE]

You’re entitled to your own opinion bro, and you can make that assumption. Anyway, I lost someone I love and have been offline for a while.

Wacha nikuambie pole juu najua finest wine will raise that point later when she meets with her boyfriend yunomi.

“Can you imagine he couldn’t even say sorry when Kamaulm told him that he had lost a loved one. It was the same with Amused! That 55 year old is so sick! That’s how he destroyed RC Bowen.”

So pole sana for your lose and hope haikuwa China covid.

Thanks, it was not Covid.