Chifumbitika Will Vote For Raila

You are too intelligent to vote for Ruto. Stop thinking with hate. Take 3 days to sit down and think slowly and carefully. Raila will not kill you my brother. I know you have it in you to do the right thing. Shukran chifu.

Is Rao any better than jambazi sugu? 2007 was directly caused by him and 2017 we almost had another case because of him. He is no better than mwisi.

I think he will be better, if he is able to rid himself off Kenyatta

Kenyatta is a better president than Ojinga. I always wonder how Kikuyus like @Kahuni Maisha can support him. One day I will tell you about the “trigger laws” that exist in this country that may come in place when it’s time for Ojingas to deal with “Hawa watu” Aka Kikuyus

In little over a month we shall see. I strongly believe Raila is our next president. I normally prefer supporting the loser, I prefer a strong opposition for stability, but I couldn’t bring myself to support Ruto. Good thing that he has a strong support base regardless of my opinion.

Kenyatta has Kenya living beyond it’s means. Yes, we need roads and bridges and stuff. But it’s not a must that we get all of them in one fell swoop! UK has been, and continues to be, the Grand Master of the House of Corruption. Also, I doubt Odinga would have the wherewithal to deal with “hawa watu”.

Raila can NOT disentangle himself from Kenyatta’s. The reason Kenyatta’s are ready for his presidency is because they know they have him by the nuts.

It’s good ghat you always support the loser. That means that you have always been an Ojinga supporter and this time it’s not different

Acha tuone vile elections zitaenda. Nitakujibu around Novemberish if he can. Don’t forget Raila has very brilliant lawyers around him.

Man, who knows if Raila won’t go full dictator mode. Even I always say that he is old and docile now but it’s just a theory. You never know for sure. Moi was a lamb before getting power. In his autobiography, GSU reportedly chased him around his compound and had to physically grab him to tell him he’s the new president. Alikua muoga hivyo. A passing cloud as Njonjo said. The rest is very well documented and bloody history. People change when they get power. The gentleman Mudavadi can crush you like a bug. The soft boy Peter Kenneth can have you thrown into jail for drawing cartoons of him. Chifu’s generation has always seen the Odingas as Satan and have treated them as such for decades. Their fear is understandable.

The flip side is that I normally have a very strong idea who will win.

We already know Ruto will go full dictator mode.

Raila will be Kenya’s next president.

You niggas keep twisting your theories to suit your agenda. If whatever youve said is true the Raila should be the complete reverse of how people expect him to turn out, he should be nowhere near being a dictator.

Ruto will get his turn, when he slows down.

Lakini tribalism is a serious sickness. It enshrouds people’s brain they cant think for their own lives. The signs are all over the place. Raila has proven since time immemorial he is incapable of being a dictator and for all I know he wants the best for the country. Ruto on the other hand has all the hallmarks of a dictator.

I keep asking myself one question, why did Raila and Ruto fall out immediately after 2007? And why has Ruto also fallen out with Ouru? Ni nini hii Ruto anasuffer from that every leader doesnt want to work with him?? That should tell you enough.

I have been supporting the old man all my life, but the unholy alliance he made with Uhuru is the one that is tainting him. If he does away with it, I would support it too.

Who is “you niggas”?

Bonobos. Retarded Ruto supporters. Come up with all sort of bizarre theories which also opposes their stance but you somehow twist it in a comical way to suit your agenda.

Ah yes, of course. If I don’t praise Raila, I MUST be a supporter of Ruto, and vice versa. I think that’s my cue to exit this discussion.