Chief Bonobo reports the progress of the plantation to the owners, gets more loans.

This fool is out there heaping loans on us alafu akitoka akina Bottom-Up-us waingie pia waanze kutunyonya. We are officially doomed


Nimesikia wanatuma vaccine doses elfu mia nane

Notice after Jayden went to his masters to report on how he is running the outpost called Kenya , matiangi all of a sudden amekuwa mkali na bandits disturbing the peace in the ranches in Laikipia !

Africans are beggers and will remain so until the day they will stop expecting help from developed countries. That is why they think that making vaccine is out of their ability not realizing that those who are making them are people like us.

Halafu our grandchildren will read about Tuskegee type studies conducted on bonobos in 2021.

kumbe Atletico Madrid huwa mdomo tu, wametembezwa kama watoto wa class one na kupigwa kiboko.

Umbwa, nani amekuulizA hii yote,?

[SIZE=5]Bookusu fake unaleta mambo ya mpira wanaume wakizumgumza politics?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]You nether regions should be kicked with immense force.[/SIZE]

Manchester united inapelekwa mbio kama umbwa na Brentford

England is the greatest money laundering country in the world. Almost all tax havens are British overseas territories. The banks that operate there are branches of British mainstream banks. The whole arrangement make pound very strong because there is always a lot of stolen money being stashed there either in form of dollars or pounds. The exchange of this money occurs at the city of London and is not regulated by Bank of England. The pound is therefore always strong, making British able to afford foreign holidays and import products cheaply

Laikipia = Centre for land injustice and imperialism.

Wapeleke kule North Eastern wapunguze hizo ghasia na pia wadistribute kwa chokoraa,feminist, na single mothers. Wasiache kupeana kwa Kiganjo D- battalion. Will be a good cleansingof the gene pool. Mimi hiyo kitu siwezi karibia.

Until the second coming of truth, among the people of the most high jah rastafara. I and I are still slaves of the satanists and their big world religions.


Walinunua Yule jamaa wa Spain