Chicks Dying

basically wen ziko. ten days old vaccinate against Newcastle then a week later dunga ya gumborough. mimi si vet fyi. Kama kuna vet uko close naye mpelekee moja imekufa aifanyie postmortem akuambie shida iko wapi.

Though the other kienyejis outside are perfectly healthy. Mayai zinataga kama kawaida, no signs of illness. Sa sielewi what is happening

ni hizo nguo

Hio ni shed ya tools, wheelbarrows, majani ya mbusi na feed za nguruwe na kuku kwa magunia.

hehehe sawa yaa

yaa I’m serious ni hizo nguo. maji ikidrip, sabuni, mites an all. nakutafutia effidens in a few

@Captain284 hebu njoo uone whether una maoni unaeza changia hapa?

Kuna kitu hamjaelewa. hio picha ya shed hakuna kuku zinakaa hapo. pia the chicks ziko na huko chini mbali sana na nguo or the kienyejis outside. wale wanaleta constructive comments asande

dont put them in a squezed enviroment, warmth also matters alot

Kuna time nilikuwa na makuku they were doing all well, lakini vile zilianza kugonjeka nikaendea dawa hizo zao, and vile naendelea nikizipea zinakufa tu moja moja. I was very frustrated sometimes hizi maugonjwa zao are just funny. inaitwo kihuruto , its a bad one

From experience niko nayo vifaranga havitaki baridi, alafu usizifungie place moja the whole day, hata ikiwezekana kwa hiyo hao kama unaweza unda kamlango kadogo wakati uko around unakafungua ziwe zinatoka inje kupiga maraundi hapo around masa wao akiwa huko ndani.

Just like @denis young responded

  1. Invest on a clean housing, the above looks somehow unclean
  2. Make sure your feeders and drinkers are clean
  3. The structure seems cold to the chicks, i can tell this by looking on those photos, do something to keep them warm

hiyo place inakaa zoo unawanyama wa kila aina

Na sijaweka mbicha za nguruwe saba bado. Farming kwangu ni hobby juu space ni kubwa.

You can also check with your local govt agriculture officer(do they still exist?) Normally they have data about the diseases affecting the area and good advice about vaccinations/maintenance.

I used to rear chicken… Sawdust as bedding is very dangerous. The chicks may consume the finer particles. It also produces dust which causes breathing problems and then death. I learnt the hard way. Better use shavings za randa… You may also Check out this forum:

When the chicks are young, you can also add a teaspoon of glucose to the water, on top of the multivitamin and a few drops of liquid paraffin (from the agrovet)… You may need to change those wood shavings and also if you can make it, go to the Kenchick office on Mombasa road by 8am on a Monday. They offer free consultations and it doesn’t matter whether you have their broilers or layers… You will learn a lot as well as have your questions answered… I have broilers and layers from them… Plus don’t give up…

Hio drinker huwa unaitoa jioni? That may be one cause of death. And put in some pebbles so that when they drink they dont get overly wet

Its a disease and it lingers for very long. You will have to cull the stock and leave the place fallow for a while. Or just keep hatching more. Some die some survived. Been through this before and it affects only the chicks. It appears to be some disease that the adults can tolerate but not the chicks. Wings droop, they look like they are sleeping, head grows big (or they get thin) and sometimes they develop terrible tumour in the head.

Never found a medicine that can treat them. The only solution was incubating the eggs and nursing the chicks to 6 weeks. At that age they seem to be able to tolerate whatever causes the affliction

Your livestock extension officer anadai shida ni nini?