Enyewe hatuna rights sisi, watu wa health uta ona wame nyamazia hii story ya anti biotics kudungwa kwa makuku. [ATTACH=full]76848[/ATTACH]


Fuck! Is this for real?

Mimi hula tu kuku kienyenji. Hizo zingine sijui kuku porno, sijui flame grilled, sijui KFC kuleni nyinyi.

An estimated 80 percent of total
antibiotic sales in the US end up
in livestock. Nearly 25 million
pounds of antibiotics are
administered to livestock in the
US every year for purposes other
than treating disease, such as
making the animals grow bigger
Agricultural antibiotics also
contaminate the environment
when they run off into lakes,
rivers, aquifers, and drinking
water, further increasing the risk
of drug-resistant bacteria.
According to the US Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention
(CDC), 22 percent of antibiotic-
resistant illness in humans is in
fact linked to food. 4 In the words
of Dr. Arjun Srinivasan, associate
director of the CDC:
“The more you use an
antibiotic, the more you
expose a bacteria to an
antibiotic, the greater the
likelihood that resistance
to that antibiotic is going
to develop. So the more
antibiotics we put into
people, we put into the
environment, we put into
livestock, the more
opportunities we create for
these bacteria to become

Tyson Foods, the largest US
poultry producer (it also owns the
brands Jimmy Dean, Hillshire
Farms, and Sara Lee), became the
latest corporation to announce it
will be phasing out the use of
antibiotics in its chicken. 5
The company said it will eliminate
the use of human antibiotics in
its chickens by September 2017,
while also making an effort to
reduce antibiotic use in cattle,
hogs, and turkeys. Tyson
reportedly reduced the use of
antibiotics effective in humans in
their broiler chickens by more
than 80 percent since 2011.

kwanza kuna twingine twa 380 bob kuku mzima tumetokea kila mahali sijui ni type gani

Rights kitu gani… Hujalazimishwa kula hizo kuku doped. Kula kienyeji na sembe kaa sisi…

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Those foods are laced with serious shit that causes you to Baloon in a matter of months

It’s not just KFC but Kenchic has been doing it for decades. Why do you think you can eat a whole chicken at fast food joint but you cant finish a whole kienyeji chicken.

This doesn’t apply to @WuTang @Fala 12 and our western brothers here.


Hata kuku kienyeji wanapewa chanjo na antibiotics

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Aiih, that’s very questionable.

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Umewacha wapi Abba?

Kama akina Nonini na Mejja.



Kuna chuom Mimi hupitia kuku choma full at only 500.

My bantam chicken only take Amoxyl capsules when zinasinzia. It works winders

How much for a bantam?

Sio kukanyagia tunakanyagia mkubwa. The issue locally is that people do it kisiri without seeking professional advice. So no one really knows the extent of this locally. All I recall is a report that was released in the early 2000s that attempted to reveal the same.

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There’s a difference between antibiotics and (growth) hormones.

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Was that recommended by a vet ama uliamua tu?

True. Once reared them and every once in a while the gov’t vet would pass by to treat the sick and give the vaccinations as recommended.