Chicago Gun Violence :26 yo father of 17 shot dead during the funeral of his 8 year old son

What is wrong with Chicago. This shootings have moved from the streets to funerals. Where is the National Guard when you need them. Over 100 gun murders several children included and nothing is being done by the state?

@LuandaMagere come blame the white man on this one.

Ati father of 17 na the guy is just 26yrs old??? How will he pay child support for that team?

Ahera hakuna child support payments, he is dead. He was a drug dealer and he’s been getting 2 kids a year since he was 17. Strategic procreation. He knew that he would soon end up in a coffin or in the can so he had to expedite the process.

That continues the poverty and degenerate problem within the black community. Am sure among the kids hakutakosa 2 hoes, 3 drug dealers, 2 gang bangers, baby momma’s with kids from different fathers…shiet!!! Maybe 1 or 2 will escape the poverty conveyor belt