Chevrolet trailblazer

…have seen many pass by. mostly kcl…is it they are cheap or what makes it this popular and common?

Parliament or some gov dept bought it for women reps. No wonder unaziona sana weekends outside Nairobi.

Labda ziko na offer!

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Nairobi women rep aspirant (Maina Kageni) alikua anazi advertise sometime back last year. I guess watu wakona ka umama waliingia box



That thing is actually an Isuzu D-Max.
Sio Chevrolet ya ukweli.

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They are diesel fueled. Very economical

I guess a new one(showroom) goes for 5m with all things modern?
Better than a Japan land cruiser import?

Barasa says it has 500nm of torque at around 1500 rpm. the pull must be thrilling.

Recently became addicted to Torque…nimeacha horsepower

News flash.
I you might have noticed, the GM we knew has changed to Isuzu. The Japs have checked in.
They will now focus on Isuzu trucks and buses. Pickups kiasi pia.
Support for the Chevrolet brand will only be for the next 10 years.
If you have a Hummer, Chevrolet or Opel go drying.

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Heheheeee…ukinunua hizo gari na you depend on dealer for service/parts… You have more problems than the Japanese my fren…

Torque mambo yote. That whiplash makes me happy. Being pushed back into your seat is the best feeling.


Apana tambua trailblazer

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zinatumika na govt officials mostly ya the must be cheap