Chemists Explain To Us Why

Water is not flammable despite being composed of Oxygen which supports combustion and Hydrogen that is extremely flammable.

Why is table salt not poisonous despite consisting of Chlorine which is one of the most toxic elements.

Wacha Nisikutukane but Nikusaidie Tu… Water is a compound made up of two elements, that is Oxygen and Water… Although both elements possess properties that support combustion, water is entirely a different compound and it does not possess the characteristics of them because a compound does not have the properties of its constituent elements. In fact, water as a compound does possess its own properties and one of them is that it does not support combustion.

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The two Oxygen molecules when combined with hydrogen, the high number of resultant atoms slows their oscillation hence reducing makali i.e flammability. Santa pharmacy 2023
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Mbwa hii huwezi come na scientific explanation ama kichwa ni ya ngamia?

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compounds do not inherently inherit the characteristics of individual elements.

Fire itself is a chemical reaction. For a Chemical reaction to occur, the elements or compounds need to be unstable among “other things”.

Water and salt are already stable and not ready to loose oxygen atoms to support combustion.

The key here is: the more easy it is to loose oxygen or hydrogen atoms, the higher the combustion index. This why some hydrocarbons are easy to combust.

Other things? Ignition temperature, atmospheric pressure, combustion agents, etc. etc means I can’t think any further bila mwaks.

Why isn’t Jupiter a star, when it’s composed of all the elements in the sun,

Looks like an answer you got from google and spiced it up kidogo

Actually this is Common Knowledge for someone Who was Serious in a Chemistry Class… The Difference between Compounds and Elements.


Chemical Engineer @Wakahare come and exprainn

Nimesoma i swali nika kumbuka triangle of fire sikumbuki nilifundishwa wapi na miaka gani lakini bado iko Kwa ubongo

When I got a perfect 800 score SAT 2 Chemistry…back in the day…

It was all about bonds between elements…how strong the bonds are between elements and the energy needed to break them or released on their formation…never changed several chem courses later…

I leisure study addiction and synthetic drugs…chemical biological bonds…designer or synthetic drugs and the human minds predilection to a high…

All about bonds and bonding…stable bonds and lack thereof

Its simple. Just like Fela Kuti said in his famous song, “Water No Get No Enemy”, that’s why.

Jupiter does not have enough gravitational force at its core to sustain continuous fussion like in the sun.

Jupiter is too small to be a star and not dense enough.