Chemicals for use in the mortuary

A friend has landed a small supply contract for the following.

  1. Mortuary perfume
  2. Cavity fluid
  3. Actend or Acterial Fluid.

However they seem to be very scarce I’ve walked into almost all lab and hospital supply companies but ni kama hawana. Any elder that can help point me in the right direction? I will be grateful.

Una interests gani kwa biashara ya rafiki yako?

Im a shareholder.

Good question…unakuanga tu na akili, hadi saa ya siasa unaingia autopilot kutetea jsks.

Hehehe, chunga sana isiwe setup ya ku-coniwa kama ile ya mercury/seeds/rubies/fishnets. Mtu ame-run mortuary for some time inafaa akuwe na trusted supplier, sio kupea ghaseer yeyote “contract.”


Hopefully this is not how you are shopping for them. Cavity fluid and Actend is called formaldehyde. You can’t miss such from wahindi wa Inda.

Jamaa, you are the village encarta. You know lots of stuff

Kenyans we have a problem. How do you get a contract to supply things you do not even know where they are sold leave alone who manufacture them.

Uliza @Umashi

Good question. Has it crossed your mind that they could be for export to a neighboring country? And that the names might differ slightly across the industry?

Ahsante mkuu. I have crisscrossed India but actend is a foreign word to almost all the established chemical companies

Fanya hivi, approach mortuary workers wakupe sources and the exact items needed. Most certainly kuna brands better than others. Most specialist items will be different from the general items. For example, the formaldehyde you use in body preservation is not the same as that you would find in other uses.

Ngai!!! For example the oxygen you breathe is not the same oxygen your neighbor uses!! Right. Formaldehyde ni formaldehyde tu banae

Do you have any idea what is high index formaldehyde and how it differs from normal formaldehyde? Find out by all means, even if it means hiring a tutor for three years.

Hii ni cham inaenda kutengenezwa. Morgues have their sources. Death is big busines to have scarcity of products. doesn’t add up

Molar concentration might differ for difference uses kama vile ethanol.

In Kanairo, your friendly neighborhood butcher has tens of litres of formaldehyde for meat preservation. Talk to him.

Formaldehyde…also known as formalin… tafuta Formalin…common tradename

Muthee ona moshari ndire ndaigera…