Chemical, physical and emotional manipulation of youth to end.

This agenda being spread by Soros beneficiaries around the world to be nipped in the bud. Common sense is not common any more


Mzito trump everyday

Right seldom deviate the path

Trump second defeat on the ballot would be sweet. The youth he is denigrating are the one’s who are voting.

How a coup instigator is going to be allowed to run for another term as US president is beyond me. The man should be languishing in cells right now as he awaits sentencing.

Why is he not in prison considering before the primaries dems walikuwa majority?

Will the powers that be allow him to get that seat?

Uko kwa TikTok kuna popular trends where street journalists are asking people, she is a ten but voted for trump/biden. All major indications are the US general public are tired of old senile Biden. Kwanza gas prices imeudhi sana watu. Naskia ati a doxen of eggs in the US go for a whooping $12-$18. You are frankly a retard if youre still supporting the Biden administration. Youre also a Luo homosexual.

Righteousness exalts a nation, and sin is a disgrace to any people.

All hail trump