Chemical composition

Wadau, something has been bugging me for quite a while. Am at the end of my wits trying to unravel a conundrum of messianic intrigue. I must beforehand excuse and caution anyone here , elder or not, who took Biological sciences and physical sciences to seat this one out. Am entirely interested in the opinions of those, like I, who tackled Pure sciences in skul. Si kwa ubaya, but the lot of you Arts dimwits may keep us here chasing our tails till the cows come home. As is, jipeni shughuli… roho safi.

Back to my issue. From the seven women I have ever made to Squirt, three of whom were suprisingly from the Agikuyu supertribe, one from the lake and another a tiata, a nd expectedly two were kambodians and a maragoli, I have discovered something very unique and interestingly puzzling. The Squirt juice, that very pure of feminine fountains, does neither smell nor stain the sheets. This discovery, though mind boggling, is very humbling. It means that, by use of only that which nature gave me, i am able to make a female human being gush out from her birthing gail, a fluid that at the very least, has a chemical signature that is out of this world. I suspect that the squirt juice may not contain any DNA. This is super scary crap.
Now, my question…what would be the chemical composition of a Liguid that comes from the body…coomer to be precise…but hardly smells nor stains even the softest of materials. What is Squirt Juice wazee…

Extremely dilute urine.

Naona umeamua kutupiga maslaps za kizungu mzito mzito…ama ndio kizungu mukuti!!?

Apparently,your Pure Sciences were a wee bit adulterated with dyslexia when it came to BODMAS…
You count and claim seven women. I read and count eight.
Who will be right. You of course. Coz you can punch the edit button.

Oh,yeah…wait,what type of science did I take in high school?

If I was to answer your mind boggling question at the tailend of your narrative,I would claim that it is a LIGUID… Tuanze hapo. The answer is. In your composition boss…all I need was to look for it.

After word squirting I gave up, thought the question was for us who did MPC, PCB etc

Everytime I hear squirt I just remember my most disgusting sexual encounter ever. Got high with my girl for the first time as the effects started to get to her she started to act very horny getting naked and stuff. Am not the one to tell a lady to dress up and before I know it she had climbed my dick. We were both very high at this stage. We start having sex in countless weird positions and in the middle of it I felt something gushing out of her vagina, I immediately knew the bitch was squirting but she thought ni mkojo and wanted to excuse herself. Hear this now to prove it was not urine what did I do? I tasted it, yes I ferking tasted the squirt from her vagina. So @mabenda4 I can add to your analysis that squirt fluid tastes very bland like water. Bangi si peremende.

Hio ni mkojo tu, do not drink :smiley:

Its called cathnone of emphetemine type

@zachary ati it’s called what?:eek:

Wacha upuzi, kuma haitengenezi miraa:D:D:D:D. You are giving shiny eyes crazy ideas, some might think wanaweza nukisha kitunguu collecting mkojo.

Yeah, wengi husema wanataka kukojoa, they don’t understand their bodies.

Why dilute?

What you ought to have done was collect the different samples and observed them under an electron microscope or run them through a calorimeter. Of course, that which seems odourless is very pungent to a dog.

Then they demand you pull out waende msalani, akifika huko hamna mkojo. If only they could let go and embrace the feeling perhaps they could experience the all-too-rare female orgasm and some may get to feel how we do when we cum.

Ni mkojo tu…you made a woman pee!

Why don’t you bottle it next time and take it to the government chemist for analysis ?

You can’t understand that feeling- it’s like a dam about to break- so don’t be quick to judge. Most ladies are very self conscious ,that’s all.

Yeah, some men wanaanza kuwaita kuma maji maji. Women are constantly shamed for their sexuality in Kenya.

Not in Kenya. It is all over the world that when men and women want to really insult each other they abuse in relation to the other’s sexualith.