Ukipatiwa sanctions…kama country yet only a football club…no selling tickets…no selling club merchandise…no transfer market…no player salaries…no nothing until ibneistan takes over…on the cheap…

That’s how they destroyed sports…Chelsea never attacked Ukraine…yet they lost everything…European Champions… destroyed…

Fcuk FA…we fans raiya will treasure…true blue…

Ati arsenali…:smiley: never when we lived…ma team za umalaya kwa wababa…long live CFC…murdered by the man…to resurrect like the Phoenix laterz

Team TuChel.sea tungelalisha Guardiola bila sanctions za kizimbambwe…u would think havertz na James ni masniper Ukraine for us to be sanctioned…Wacha tulimwe…boys have even tried after no salaries for the longest to lose by a goal to muarabu maguta maguta…all Chelsea boys will go on to win glory elsewhere…fcuk the devil who steals souls and teams

Chukuemeka, omari Hutchinson, Lewis Hall, zakaria, Gallagher …at first I thought it was a league cup match

Do you smoke dried human excrement?

Zakaria anajaribu, chelsea midfield is dead… especially when jorginho is there.

These sanctions zilitumaliza kabisa, hatuna tofauti na Man U na Americans wao, we got one clueless donut looking American playing negotiator & football manager buying every donkey for 70-100mill, we had structure, I miss Marina Granovskia tactics at transfers, Tuchel, papa Abramovich’s swift & ruthless hand, team doctor Eva Canairo… @Finest wine nataka scotch iniliwaze

Chelsea ni kinyesi :meffi::meffi::meffi: abromo money ndio ilikuwa ikishinda vikombeee.

As usual,bonobos kissing the mighty mzungu’s ass with zero apologies

Whats your main form of sports entertainment where you participate either as a player or fan?

I’m a diehard Vihiga Bullets FC fan

And am guessing they don’t play a white man’s game right? Am sure they play some African sports invention

Prof, seems like you’ve never heard of Cuju or Ts’u-chü.

Kuja tumeze pamoja…drowning our sorrows!!

A game for Africans by Africans? When it comes to sports, arts and culture kila mtu na starehe zake…ukipenda ohangla ni sawa…ukipenda ajua pia ni sawa…na pia kama wewe ni mtu gengetone au rhumba pia ni sawa…wengine wanapenda Bob marley na wengine UB40…cha muhimu ni mtu upate starehe

You must be a United/Arsenal fan, nyinyi mmekuwa pahala pabaya kutushinda, with all our hardships we still managed to win silverware upto 2020-2021.