This post belongs here cos last night, FC Roma used a whole packet of Trust Condoms on Chelsea FC in a span of just …wait for it… 90 minutes! I smell another beating for Chelsea come weekend with Herrera doing the Hazard job.

Meanwhile, tumangane bila kujali dini, rangi ya ngozi, kabila, maegemeo ya kisiasa wala mapenzi yenu kwa Mfalme Mworia.

Jana tulikaangwa,

niliboka yangu yote.nkt

Selling Matic was a big mistake, I hope Kante will be fit to play on Sunday…would be unbearable to lose to Mou, I cant stand the gloating that would follow

Boss, hii pombe yako naikunywa lini, tukiongea mambo ya Kilimani Mums?

I fully conquer with you… Mctominay tamalisa cheosi mbaya sana

Weekend niko nyuma ya Manchieth united

Umeongea sense once in ur lifetime

Sense gani na ni zile swara zake anawaletea. Expect Man Utd to lose.

@Miss Finest Wine is still drowning her woes in the finestest wine after hiyo game.
@kush yule mnono can you console your woman before she turn into @Miss Jugg Daniels?

Manager wa Chelsea anaitwa Conteom

She’s still moaning, hachukui simu. @Mrs Kuria mwendwa wakwa cum nkutibu mucakwe, its gonna be just fine deer.

Dry fry


You should be in jail. Umeua kimombo. It’s concur ama Corroborate if you like.

I am assuming you are not laughing at me:(. I am really hoping that you are commiserating for real. Sometimes Chelsea ina tuangusha sana…prancing all over the field like Gathanga FC. Those are the games one watches peeping thru the fingers and wincing like a tooth has been removed without being numbed. Do they know the amount of energy we invest in fuataring them like sheeple? Back in the day I used to miss night lectures if there was a sizzling match taimagini…oh and the shame of reporting to wek to face Chelsea haters! the goading, the ribbing…‘oh good morn Mrs Kuria, it is okay you are allowed to smile, cup of tea hun’…NKT.

Hun I know you are gloating and that is why I did not even say gudnight jana. I saw your call earlier on but you are a Man U fan and therefore ukae hapo hapo pls. I can smell fakeness from here to Timbuktu. If there is one sense that nature gave me in abundance, it is the sense of smell. Ata wacha tusiongee leo pia, thoughts of mucakwe nimepark pale for now.

Kesho will do on one condition that you do not engage me in all matters footie for the whole season. You know how much I hate Manuseless.

I already set my mind on this season being worse for us hence reducing expectations .Ile kitu mbaya ni kupigwa tu na arsenal .

I hear you. Hiyo is bad. Hata afadhlai kuchapwa na some stale team in wales huko boondooks. I don’t have high hopes either but we live in hope as supporters.

are you guys really married ama ni ufala mnatubeba. am slow today…