Chelsea V. Atletico Madrid Live Thread

Paul Canoville talking about being on the receiving end of abuse from his own teams fans in the 80s as Chelsea’s first black player


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Chelsea v atletico

Updated Much better line up…first one was a dummy one lol


Suarez diving like a duck lol carrasco was almost a pen dang

Chelsea team ya ofisi

1-0 havertz to Verner to Ziyech!!!


RIP unko magu

halftime…noma chhelsea moja nunge

kuna penalty Simione amenyimwa na si ya suarez

Wapi hio khasia @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii na my deer @Waithelelo niwapigie makofi?


Chelsea 3 Atletico Madrid 0 Nunge Awaooo (mppththhhhthhh) :eek: o_O :mad:

Some amazing moments…Ganja imenice mbaya!


Boss after finishing the game with a killer save!

Just Like a boss 600 minutes without conceding a goal! nyumbani

Mzee tiago silva



Emerson…on for less than 50 seconds one touch one goal…what a first touch! Just like a boss!






8 Chiefs Only One Champion


Ziyech the Left Assasin


Pulisic Super Sub…professional assist…one touch needed for Emerson




Captain Thiago Silver from the Bench


Off to role anadaa…Over n out


Sad to learn of Uncle Magufuli Bulldozer during this live thread RIP!

Maisha ya Mwenyezi Mungu…Farethee Well African Brother

There must be something about Timo Werner that coaches just love. I remember Joachim Low chosing him over Leroy Sane for the world cup. Which turned out to be a horrible idea.

I did not watch the match …recorded it. But welldone us.