Chelsea V. Atletico Madrid Live Thread

Line Ups: 3-4-2-1 vs 4-4-2


Looks to be an interesting tactical game.

Live links to be posted during game time.

Tuchel better get this right.

In other news…did not know that the first black player to ever play for Chelsea, Paul Canoville, joined in 1981 and is currently only 59!

Wololo! Hii team yanngu bana imeniangusha! I now know I should be doing better things than wasting time…too bad its too late now…game itakuwa kali sana.




Chelsea 1
Atletico 2

Bayern 4
Lazio 2
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in other news best article that I have read explaning uncle magu aka bulldozer yuko wapi.

Chelsea 2 Atletico 1

why has Giroud not played in 4 recent games ?

giroud is an old mzee who cannot play all matches man or risk breaking his hip

hii yote ni mnyambo ya punda if you expect bayern or chelsi to concede more than a single goal

I agree…rotation ya squad ya Tuchel drives me dizzy kuelewa

Its obvious ukiwa na big matches every 3 or 4 days you cannot overstrain any particular player no matter how good they are. Hapo ndio lampard na arteta wanashindwa kuelewa

Tuchel pre-match interview

Boring 0-0 written all over this.

Until one is scored.

Then the gods spite me with a 6-4 thriller

Chelsea have always been one of the most racist clubs in England.

are the one who will score it? why are u thinking like an obese man?

I wonder about the first black player for other clubs too…interesting stat…what was the situation in the other London teams…Arsenal, Tottenham, West Ham etc…what was the situation in Liverpool, Everton kule mersy… na manchester aje

leo hutumii ile handle yako ya @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii . ukijua kuna possibility ya kushindwa unakunjanga mkia ya hio handle

I can’t understand why he never starts Pulisic. He is definitely better than Werner.

Chelsea have always attracted right wing extremists in their fanbase. Their ultra group the headhunters is almost entirely composed of skinheads - note the nazi salute. It’s no coincidence that a couple of years back some Chelsea fans were involved in that racist incident on the Paris metro. In fact it’s only when the Abramovich dollars came through that the club began to clean up its image.