Chelsea inauwa Nyoka

Chelsea huwa my second team in the EPL , am very impressed by the way Lampard has reinvigorated the team , after dealing with the goal keeping problem the team is perfect with Timo Werner being the magician.

niko nyuma ya Chelsea as i talk with my lawyer about jumping ship from the dying Arsenal FC. nikaribishe @Finest wine

Everton 1--------------------- Chelsea 4

Acha uswara…

Usiniambie wewe na Slave Owner read from the same page? ditching your teams in their hr of need? Bad badder baddest. Ancelotti’s boys are quacking in their boots tonight. We were v skeptical about Lampy at the start of the season but we decided to trust our ruthless oligarch.

You are most welcome.

Keeper banae

stay calm chief

Arsenal fans ditched it enmass in 2006 for Chelsea. Nothing strange here.

Leo ni kumoto mkubwa @uwesmake

:D:D:D:D:D hakuna kitu hapa team kubwa chelsea wil roar

Tumeshikwa maneche na ancelotti:D if we recover nitaokoka nanioe!

Real inauwa atletico

hapo sawaaaa


Don’t believe Uwes…he is a Gunner thru and thru. Things are not looking good this halftime for us. Chelsea always underestimates ‘mashambani teams’ as we call them. I have never known why. They end up humiliated. Anayhoooo let us see what the second half brings given that Franky is advising his boys while thinking about Ancelotti in his head as his ex-Manager.

patience my dear Werner is around

wueeeeeeeeeeehhhh kweli Navy seal ni SWARA :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Nyinyi mnawika apa ati Chelsea ndio mlikuwa mnasema team kubwa itapigwa 9-1:D:D:D:D:D… Ango unalilia wapi??

Leo mtu amekula muindi labda mwenye aliwekea Gor na Tusker

I am v unhappy:(. Tho it was expected…Chelsea iko na kasoro they need to fix haraka sana. I won’t even watch the boxing match…too much if AJ loses to that Bulgarian Brat. I Be recording the match.
Uwes stay huko Arsenal. You jinxed our match.


Umbwa wewe