Chelsea boots

After this thread i decided to start an online shop selling clothes and hopefully by mid this year start a MRP home sort of thing. Now am selling chelsea boots available are in size 41-45 and come in a variety of colors such as black, blue, green and grey. You can DM to promote one of your own.[ATTACH=full]282076[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]282077[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]282082[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]282083[/ATTACH]

Safisha mesho kwanza

You left out the most important aspect of the sales pitch ma’am…mbeca cigana?

Hio kiatu maximum price ni 3K…they have flooded the market.

To sell you have to indicate the price, and contacts.

Location sanasana

Location si alisema ni on-line. Ama unataka kupeleka @hakimoto wapi?


We must feel the texture and aroma of the shoes before buying

Well you can be given the location to go and check out.

Jolly, ello ello long time girlie. Good move. I will place an order for my man as a valentine gift. Wacha afike home aniambie his size ‘again’.
I have taken the liberty to tag the black templar as I think he has v good taste when it comes to the shoes he posts here.
Simuoni kwa tags???

Hey long time, hebu ingia inbox

Nakuja…haraka sana, give me like an hr I feed the kids. I love go getting sistas.

Ukipenda kiatu una download?

Told him i have a viewing point in the CBD

Uza pia clarks desert boots we’ll promote you



Come to my email add. I never ever post anything serious kwa inbox…anymore. Sent it to you.

Alafu zinaitwa Chelsea boot na ni masahara za wachinku na sole kubwa. People should do their research on real chelsea boots before using that tag.