Cheki Maneno: Uhuruto

President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP William Ruto ride the Solar e-Cycle, an e-mobility innovation made in Kenya at the #SMEconference2018

What is the vehicle’s function?

Ruto hawachi Uhuru siku hizi, ana mweka bumper

what does it do?

Uhunye ameprove kuwa worse than a slay queen :smiley:

poor security planning[ATTACH=full]201523[/ATTACH]

Uhuru bans importation of Chinese fish.
Si watakasirika wadai tulipe loans faster.

I guess mobility assistance for those with physical challenges.

Must be one of the gathesha’s family who’s “invented” this joke… The uskie GOVT will buy 100pcs for 1 million each to be used in lodwar…

And the solar part?


Lakini tunakosewa time zingine. In 2016 the Banana republic of Uganda did this

Power source ? Mobile kiosk charging phones bla bla …perhaps???

:D:D:D It’s perplexing, right ?