Cheki Maneno - Ngong Hill Edition

1000Rides and NHITT are proud to to announce the Ngong Hills Individual Time Trial happening on the 8th of November 2015. Registration is underway, don’t be left behind.
Question 1) whats a time trial (50Mrks)


What is a VIP entry in a bike race?

Wewe ni sonko kulipa siku ya mwisho

Kuna njia nyingi sana za kuride…mbona nilipie kuride kwa mlima juu ya kuwa VIP?

si hapa tu ndo a certain rider was killed back in the day

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His name was James Muhindi, mpaka wa leo hajawahi patikana.

from the standard 9th june 2003
[SIZE=6]Kenya: Olympics Bound Cyclist Who Disappeared On Ngong Hills[/SIZE]

By Ochieng Ogodo
Nairobi — There are certain events that can traumatise someone whenever they occur. The disappearance of my son, James, on April 14, 1996, is an example. Seven years since he left for Ngong Hills for cycling practice, we still cannot undertand why it had to happen even as we continue to suffer the pain, though we are hopeful that he will one day come back.

"It was a bright Sunday morning. James left home at about 10.00 am saying he was going for a practice session. I was just doing a check up of my vehicle outiside our house when he left. That was to be the last time for me to see him. Since he was in the Kenyan Olympic cycling team, which event was only two weeks away, he had intensified practice and would go to Ngong hills every day. Ngong hills is just near Ongata Rongai where we live.

just sad this incident made me fear ngong hills which is just a killometer from home i’d go siteviewing but ikifika 4pm mimi huyo mbio hadi nyumbani

I hope huyu hatapotelea huko. Just some assurance only.

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Guess time trial ni testing how good you are timewise

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one day imma join these guys