Cheki Maneno : MOTO Edition

Yesterday, I saw a delivery guy on one of these bikes.


It immediately attracted my curiosity. Not something you’d commonly see around. So I struck a conversation with him to find out where they got it.

This is the Kibo 150. Kibo is short for kiboko. Apparently, it is a Dutch designed bike assembled in Kenya. For our rough roads and peculiar habits. So naturally, it has to be designed in a way it would take a beating. Kiboko… get it? (But according to @whiteafrican on The Twitters, kiboko was short for hippo in kiswahili)


I like; the exoskeleton design, tyres that will do more mileage that the chinku alternatives, size (nifty enough to fit in tight spots)

Pricetag: Kes. 395,000/- . Comes with a service package, some lessons and a helmet. This is where I think they went wrong. Unless they were not targeting the mass market boda boda riders.

What do you think?

Yeah, the price jawbones the good bike.

looks like it be very a good trail bike, wonder how it handles offroad

hiyo bei ina jincheng kama tano hence income from five sources, ajira kwa vijana watano, one fifth of loss, theft risk…wafanye feasibility tena…

Hio rangi, jet black, super sexy:)

Market yao basi ni companies delivery bikes I usually see those who deliver cigarettes have simillar bikes.

Hiyo price tag is too high

If the target market was mtu wa kawaida running a 9-5 job in the CBD, what would the best price be? 300k?

Talkers wengi wanapenda kawasaki hehehe If you know whaaar I mean

considering the state of city roads, doing as light work as deliveries, why should one buy a 300k bike when there are 80K bikes around that can be offloaded to a first-timer boda ikianza kuleta tushida?

Hiyo bei utapata a serious bike from Uganda. Bei ya boda ni 80k chinku ama 110k boxer,bajaj(Indian bikes)

Very expensive bike…
Hero Karizma ZMR is piced at 220k
similar bikes cost less than 150k
Hii ni mchezo they will have very few sales imho.

Price shouldn’t go beyond 200 k in my opinion.

Which other brands can substitute this one apart from Hero?

where exactly did they go wrong?
comparing with the less number of buyers its attracting, i think the bike deserves that price to cater for the low seasons. if they are running on losses, they should have advertised already don’t you think?

Why are you guys even complaining in the first place. The company is doing well without the “boda boda class” market!!

Market penetration itakuwa ngumu kama bei ndio hiyi

The bike is designed for utility but isn’t priced for it. People would rather buy a used probox for 400k than a bike. And Kenya is a price sensitive market.