Cheki Maneno Guys, Watch this!

An ostrich running after cyclists, epic!
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hahaha saw this video on natgeo but those cyclists were in significant danger

Be a man. Ride an ostrich.

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[ATTACH=full]33390[/ATTACH] How true is this?

Someone painted the road runner tunnel on a wall in SA, and a dolt drove right into it.


He must have been high. :D:D

That Ostrich was being not chasing the cyclists, it was running away from the car, but it’s really tiny brain took a lot of time to figure out that I could just veer off-road.

its so obvious tht it was not a fellow cyclist behind that ostrich bcoz he would have been turned into a victim…therefore can i conclude that it was another ostrich recording all that content in that video??? hahaha


Lzma akuwe alkuwa amekunywa kakitu


deceptive paintings

If it was an Australian cassowary it could have been a gore scene. The fuckers have daggers on their feet. I saw a docu about them and crossed off the Australian outdoors from my bucket list. More info here and youtube