Cheki Maneno GoPro Edition

So jana jioni niliamua nichukue my gopro na niende Vumbistan (Eastlands) to do some shredding. It was a cool afternoon ride, enjoyed the scenery. Here are the highlights.


Kali sana.

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Mie niko sheki maneno leo,if you see a bunch of cyclists zoom by Thika rd ama Limuru rd NIKO HAPO PAPO


That’s how Americans erode our morals (pun intended)

You’ve got big cojones riding in Vumbistan like that.

Does it mean the guy resembling your avatar and riding a bike will be you? MMNN, please send your crew to get us some memorable images.

Niko karibu na city paka, ukifika si unipikie honi nitoke nikusalimieko @chio

this clip reminded me of my teenage years roundi za Mombasa road na TPT fulani 18 speed. i’d get warnings from motorists who would agressively point me through their wind screens. it was quite a thrill until i was lectured by a relative about how kids have died on that highway.

@Gecko Moriah yaani wewe ni mseh wa cheki maneno?? hehe na huwekangi posts? Hii iko poa tu sana…bring some more and I hope these drivers see just how dangerous they make these roads to be