chek this......wah

but how weak is that nigga.anachapwa ngumi moja tu anaanguka


Why beat a woman?
Are all men dead?

I know the type. Sad. It must be @Mzee mzima helb ikiisha mid-sem

huyu mjamaa lazima alikuwa na stress sana

He’s playing dead. Survival tactic. Na venye huyo dame anapigwa halafu bado anaamka.

Hako ka dame ka dogo was risking big time. bado akiamka ana linger kwa corridor.

But with the current weather, that is not Kenya. Seems like the U.S. Cheki the dressing too heavy for us right now

i agree hapa sio kenya

Its not about being weak. When that jab lands squarely and your head rocks back you will crumble.

Wah!!! It seems anapiga kila mtu na ikikupata vizuri ni KO.

To beat a beast, you have to become a beast and take the violence two notches higher. Fight dirty to survive. It doesn’t help if you have a glass chin though.

@Quanstrom hii kizungu ni mingi sana…unatry kusema nini.hehe

I agree this is a nigga…

Hio uppercut hako karembo kamemiss ingekapata ingekuwa kesi ya ICU

The guy throwing punches knows his stuff. The reason in most street fights no one gets knocked out is because when you hit someone on the forehead you break your arm and the other guy gets a skin deep swelling. But if you hit on the chin and sideways, its a KO. That guy must be a boxer.

:D:Dhio ilikuwa ya kungoa huyo dem meno yote

You must have grown with many men around. You have brothers…you seem to know stuff most girls don’t know/care about. Its a huge turn-on

I am the third born in between three brothers.

If you never had any siblings then you’ll never understand that fighting was all a part of solving issues.

Haha dude is just a straight up coward. He got hit hard but it was not enough to knock him out, you see him thinking for a moment after which he decides to drop to the ground and let his girl take all the heat. That small girl got hit around 7 times close range and she was still standing. Such a pussy

@culture those guys are not weak, the guy just targeted the Tempo, its automatic u must go down since it cuts the entire communication of nerves to the brain, Its a target in most mixed martial arts and may even result to death, thats why u see boxers holding up their guard through out, Tempo and Jaw, u dont stand a chance, and look at his stands, he is a trained boxer, i can tell by the hooks his swinging, needs a very long jail time