Chege wa Wairimu.

These kikuyu business radies with harriers and gold bracelets from turkey.These women will tell you the whole story.Yaani you meet her and youll know that her son did IGSE system of education coz she doesnt trust KNEC they have a tweng and will be like "infact ndirender kurenew passport yakwar tondor ndirender guthi china this weak kugira supries.Infact Ryan wakwa aroker this week ,niwamenyer nindamuywarire St adru Turi.We are paying 600k na ni quite affordable they will make you hate life.You will curse the day you were born.

Small you hear her call home…(They always have 2 phones)an Iphone six she doesnt know how to use and a techno phantom she uses.Shez like "Kermau eashio mbao niirehirwo saiti? “Termenya mwina itherko ma” .That house is supposed to be complete by now. "Teller njogu oe canter hau mooshie agire thee- me- tee

5 mins you hear “hey manager ,its janet again ,my 1 mirrion sheque haijamashure mbando?”.pris make it quick…sawa ehh.

They are expensive…most of them are in chamas where all women are divorcees and KWFt is their bank.


:D:D:D True story and the harriers are almost always black in color!

Chege Wairimu (na ngombe za facebook) ni waisii wa hekaya from twirra



Wanatafutanga vijana barobaro wa kuwatomba?if yes,ni-ozil mmoja niingie system ya EAYF(Earn-As-You-Fuck)

Customer wa uwesmakende

Kwa street ile mimi hufanya fearshara (a very small street like 5 blocks on each side) kuna wamama kama hao wengi sana all with black harriers ni kama that’s the only car wanaweza nunua.In our building alone kuna kama watano :rolleyes:

i find this post offensive. my ex was like this. It reminds me of her

Very true…was minding my drinking habit (Hapo Queens karibu na 2R). This mama comes and sits next to me and starts ku-tweng.
Before i could realize it - nikasikia ameniuliza kama kuna “Weee-feee” kumbe anamaanisha “WI-FI”

kuna mmoja i think alikuwa ndio sasa anaanza kufika hii stage juu she drives a wingroad and she was like nataka unitafutie harrier ya kido 2m and she kept on sendin me those mornin quotes on whatsapp na hapo ndio niliondokea laters i hear she said mimi naringaga bure i wouldnt touch them even with a 10ft pole. aki wale munachezaga na hawa wamama mko juu mimi hata siezi stedisha.noma sana

Hiyo mjulubeng ulipewa bure na Mungu… sasa wataka kuiuza?

The question here is who sets the trend in Kenya. I remember back in the days, at different times, Pajero ilikuwa tops, then came Sang Yong Musso, how people with means arrive to this conclusion defeats me.

He forgot to acknowledge the source.

Those are the kind of women who kill their husbands ndio wapate mali yao… Can’t trust a shiny eye lady

He he he! Eti Wee-Fee?
I’m sure even her ikus twengs in that same confused manner!

But the guy has tagged the source. Go slow on him. He cracks our ribs allilobit.:D:D:D:D:D:D

He did. Are u blind my fren?

ooh. sawa. siyui kutumia facebook


I need to clean my glasses, can’t see it though