Checki Maneno: Giro Rosa Pink Handles Edishen

Kuna Giro Rosa ya Pink Handles edishen inaendelea for @Guru @Mrs4thletter @Female Perspective @Purr_27 wafuatilie. Its unfortunately held the same time as the Tour de France so doesn`t get as much coverage. Pink handles, time to get fit.

@Meria Mata hawa wanakuwekea pace unachomeka


The Solheim Cup is the female version of the Ryder cup. now you know .

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pic three napenda sanaaaaa

Hehehe wako poa

@Gio niliskia nikiride bike nunu inapanuka! Siwes!

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Naaah actually will tighten with kegel exercise, sasa itakuwa 4K badala ya 3k, plus you`ll have a firm ass not a wobbly one from exercising glut muscles

Haiya! 3k to 4k? Buying a bike today! But I like my tooshie soft so that I can twerk it! Hard butts don’t move an inch!

define ‘tooshie’ 5pts

Yako already imefika maximum limit ya kupanuka([SIZE=2]mtaro[/SIZE]) so it cannot get any worse usiogope.