CHECKI MANENO From the Archives: Savannah Classic

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Antony = @Gio



By the way @Gio I got a cheki maneno but the saddle is too hard on my behind. I feel molested my fren. What is the remedy Cc @Meria Mata @Deorro @The.Black.Templar

Welcome to the group. For that get a padded bib short that looks like this inside

[ATTACH=full]131917[/ATTACH][B] the padded part will protect your bum[/B]

Thanks man. I rode on Saturday and since then my behind is on fire. Do you know a place I can get them locally?

Most of the local bike shops that repair MTBs/Roadbikes should have them

yes it will protect, but still not entirely. you will just have to learn how best to sit on your saddle! @incognitus

Other than that congrats, post a thread or two whenever you can!

Will di. I’m still learning the ropes