Checki Maneno For Sale


Team Checki Maneno mambo motomoto hapa, Specialized Roubaix for sale full carbon, Keo cleats and everything you have ever imagined a bike to be @Gio @The.Black.Templar @Meria Mata @Mkufuu na wengine wengi





Specialized Roibaix 2015, size 56, bei 220k. If more than one gets to the pricepoint will be secret bidding from there. Bike Specs, also has been posted on other avenues,if seen tafadhali maintain privacy of seller. @Gio trade in haitawezekana

Great bike

220K, hapo unanunua Bajaj ama Jingshen mbili na unabaki na change ya fuel…It is a nice bike though.

Nice bike, think have seen it with a guy in Kenyan Rider kit on these roads

That bike costs 220k o_O


This bike is not in Kenya


Hizo rim ni size? Halafu mangapi?

[ATTACH=full]61250[/ATTACH] Rides in Nairobi this weekend, hio na Sunday to Ndakaini. Can we get a place where we can curate rides that are happening around @admin @Deorro

They look like 26" Roval

The background

Explain, looks like it was taken during sunrise or dusk because of the hue and shadows

Angalia the style of the houses back there. Giosm tupu but I might be wrong.

Aliitoa hapa