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I thought Kampala was one of the major prostitute hotspots in East and Central Africa attracting ladies of the night from far and wide. And by far and wide I mean Kenyans, Rwandese, Somali, Congolese, Zambian, Burundian etc.

In fact Uganda was AIDS ground zero at one time. And in Uganda ukicheza unaeza pata ile original HIV ile ilitoka Congo na huko Lake Kivu inakunyorosha bila huruma.

you thought wrong… you sound very ignorant…

So you are saying that there no prostitutes in Uganda/ Kampala and that Ug is not an Aids capital fueled especially by truck drivers into the DRC?

Kijana ni kucheza unacheza.

There are no Kenyan or Rwandan prostitutes in UG (unless in very rare special cases), it is vice versa, there are a lot of Ugandan prostitutes in Kenya…, Kenya is the prostitution capital especially Nairobi and highways, the shit about some congo HIV is total BS

And you heard this where?

Even the gutter press supports my statement :

This is very ignorant…jaribu kutoka nje ya Nairobi once in a while na ikiwezekana vuka border hata kama ni hapo “no man’s land”, ufunguke akili.

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That is fake news bozo

Do you think that the thriving nightlife in Kampala and in DRC is by accident? That nightlife is very old.

And you can see that even the African Rhumba music started from the DRC in the 1930s where the money and the action was. And rhumba spread from the DRC to Uganda, to Kenya, to TZ.

And nightlife and promiscuity are twins.

Promiscuity/Prostitution in Kampala started in the early 1900s because it is located on the mineral corridor to DRC . Male prospectors flocked from far and wide to DRC and surrounding areas in search of wealth. Practically all nations wanted to loot the DRC. The place was full of mercenaries of every kind driven by mining, timber and poaching of animals. (Follow the Lunatic express into Kampala which brought goods in and out of Uganda.)

Prostitution in Kampala became a roaring business especially with the Acholi community. We are talking from the 1920s to present times. There are several generations of Ugandans and Congolese who have been practising this prostitution trade for close to a century now.

It was no surprise then that when AIDS hit, these countries adjacent to the DRC would be the hardest hit. AIDS was a national crisis in Uganda and it spread for instance via the Acholi across the border to Nyanza and to the Western Kenya belt. Kenyan prostitutes in Kampala were also another conduit for spreading the virus back to Kenya and adjoining states. Truck drivers from Mombasa to DRC did their bit as well.

These foreigners who flocked to Drc and Kampala took HIV back to their countries. E.g in the late 60s Haitians who were working in the DRC took the virus back to their country and later spread the disease to the U.S.

The Indians who were evicted by Amin were quite likely to have had carriers amongst them who took the virus to Kenya, India, Britain, Pakistan, U.S etc.


I don’t do blacks
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There are lots of Rwandan prostitutes in UG . There are even clubs that most Rwandese people prefer na huko ndio utawapata kwa wingi… Rwandese currency is also easy to exchange in Ug…

Are you implying that HIV existed in the 60s???

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Uganda Lanyez ni wengi ajab from different regions all over east africa best lanye nshai fyeka huko alitoka Rwanda

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