Chebukati the hero

You have to admire this guy. He resisted external and internal interference to deliver the will of the people.

Kesho anaingia office to a standing ovation. Next is how he’ll deal with the opaque 4. He should not show mercy.

Wafinywe makei.

wamwage unga

Wapi bitter feminazi Truewoman Kapanty aone hero Chebukati akiingia ofisi kesho like a buoss??

How is it that we in Africa are in the habit of glorifying the corrupt, call the most treacherous heros, evil good, and wrong right.

Chebukati for @Deputy Presidente 2027.

Chebukati is cut from the same clothe as Arror, he resolves what to do and does what he resolves. He never asks who the owner is when hitting a misbehaving dog!