Chebet Ronoh on rebuilding :Props to Kibe

Kibe deep down is a decent human being.

Kibe tells folks things that they would rather bury in the sand and not hear. He hates self pity and whining. But women have called him a misogynist for having them hold a mirror in front of themselves. Women never take criticism lightly that is why no man will tell a woman the truth when she is overweight

Hapa Sex and Relationships team lanye ndio inatawala. Si upost hizi takataka kwa umama forum Kapondie?


Please watch the video. She’s thanking him for helping her in her career. She says she doesn’t agree with what he says but his help.

My prayer for Kibe who was once a pastor is for him to stop using his gift to glorify worldly things and use it to become a Fisher of men. His kids have a long distance father and his wife is probably in adultery with another man and his old parents don’t get to spend with their son after giving him the best life they could. How can you give women advice when your own life is in shambles? I have never had the contempt I have towards these online misogynaires towards Kibe because I know him from way back and I know that he is in the prayers of very many people who love him, he will one day have a Damascus moment and return to his calling like the prodigal son. The fact that he has failed in politics and ventures in the past shows you that not even Satan can permanently corrupt him bcz he will never be at peace until He returns home to God and to the people who love him.