Chebet Pinkie

Siwezi lipa nudes more than 10

Hahaha, na vile her vids and nudes are everywhere. Who pays for nudes ?

She has a WhatsApp group where she charges 1200 to join.
Najua ndume huko Ni over 60 that’s like 72k and anarusha tupicha picha often to keep the masses happy.
She also does cross marketing for other online birds. I imagine it must fetch some nice money.
I also think membership in the group might not be permanent (monthly subscription) but I’m not a member so I wouldn’t know.

There is a sucker born every minute. Kuna watu bado wanalipia kufunguliwa account ya yahoo mail

You would be amazed …
Including some in here…
NEVER pay for Porn or Pussy …


Her talent is badly managed…
In the USA , this Gal could make Millions …


Hol up, yani kuna msee ana budget subscription ya Pinkie 1k every month next to netflix and other household utilities? SMH.

I tell you. I came across her channel on telegram which is basically an advert for the WhatsApp group.

But she has premium content btw. Nudes zake Ni pro si zile blurry images za mtaani.

Hookups pia anafanya.

She organises orgies all over.

Threesome pia ukitaka and she has this teaser video making out with the said other woman.

Huyu btw in a few years she’ll be one of these motivation self made women success stories.

Mambo ni kujibrand vizuuuri moss moss kidogo uko league ya kina Huddah but most important awe na exit strategy coz younger ones wako kwa njia

Thoughts exactly. She’s savvy too. Kuna live wet session ya 1200 for 20 minutes I mean she is making money like silly.

Zile Jinga zinalipianga hii upuss ndio ng’ombe kabisa. As long as there’s people willing to pay, these subscription models aren’t going anywhere.

@sani kuja uone.

am sure some enterprising singo mothers are taking notes …

Woah,your pisantri is showing,thats like 10k total,i bet unakunywaga hio in a sitting

Same goes for religion and politics.mafala wakuvutiwa wako

Wenye hulipa hio doo si wajinga, nyinyi wenye kuwatusi ndio wajinga kabisa.
Those guys pay that amount to get content to upload on their Pornhub xvideos accounts for wankers like you to watch alafu wao watawithdraw pesa mob kupitia paypal at the end of every night.

Unamake how much per clip.

He’s just justifying paying for this stupid content as a wanker, by claiming a “ghost” xvideos account. Anyway, can’t relate to watching videos or online content, while there’s millions of actual women out there to actually sleep with.

Stop trying to justify paying for these videos. So, for let’s say 200 subscribers who pay, they each have their own pornhub/xvideos accounts, to generate enough views to make money matching what they are paying? Naah, I don’t think so. If it was readily available online, why multiple subscribers? Anyway, can’t relate.

yeah i have found her online she was offering 3k for a meet, but i will meet post quaritine and hope it is her and not some ugly kunguru trying to catfish me… If so i will get high and go to sabina to cleanse myself