Cheating in planteshen

I was reading that thread by @MTINGIZA_KITANDA akinyimwa and I thought, this fucker thinks he is so smart that he will never get caught by his beloved wife cheating. I also concluded that the chiq alikua anajipiga naye kifua ule wa LD kwa ile thread ingine akatuosha macho vizuri, people really congratulated him, is just a hardcore tagged prostitute and he paid dearly for that experience, but I digress.

Married talkers, if your wife finds out you are cheating, its best to end the relationship. Elders here forget that revenge is a dish best served cold, vengeance is more gratifying when exacted some time after the harm that instigated it. And women are perfect at this.

In campus, I had this friends with benefits girl I used to smash. Some guy married her and we lost contact. Last year she started calling me a lot, we could even speak for an hour hadi akaarrange mechi. She said that she wanted to fuck me just to get back at this guy because he cheated on her once. She just wanted revenge even though she had already ‘forgiven’ him. I did not have sex with her but she still calls me ‘just to know how I am fairing.’

So married elders who are fucking outside, go out of your way to ensure you dont get caught. Bibi yako atakubali atombwe vibaya sana just to teach you a lesson ndio game iishe draw in stoppage time.


You can imagine akipigwa kende a nafurahia stylo Zote za kamasutra . Maybe pia anadi

Hehe, what I know is that when the husband is cheating the wife is also cheating, but that is not the main concern. The husband might be having protected sex, but the wife may not be doing the same. She will believe what she is told by her new man, provided she trusts him. She’ll be told “niko sawa, hata nilijipima juzi and am negative, na atapeana”. The husband atakuja na kujishindia ugonjwa. Mimi husema instead of cheating wacha nijiondoe, shida ni suppose the wife is cheating, will she be ready kujiondoa. Heri MGTOW ikifikia hapo.

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I pulled that gal from I.G. i never hide where i okota my hoes…i will create a thread on the I.G gals i chewed. This one was not a lanye 100% she just turned 19 this month. Very tight and cute. Na sijawai shikwa na wife…when i write my hekaya hapa its not like i fuck hoes kila siku or kila week…i have a life to live besides chasing hoes…i have work and family that i tend to. I chase hoes for leisure purposes and when i have free time to do so. I think you are jealous young man :green_emoji: :green_emoji: usiwe hivo elder