Cheating can save your relationship

Fact: cheating can break a relationship, if discovered.
Alternative fact: being faithful cannot save a broken relationship.
Before feminists jump on my back with nails drawn, let me qualify my statement: if you cheat with the right person, it can change you for the better. It is like having the flu - you don’t go back to the person who gave you the flu to get better, you go to a doctor.
If handled well and hidden properly, cheating has the following effects:

  1. Good sex puts you in a good mood.
  2. You are more excited hence more fun.
  3. You stop complaining about being denied sex.
  4. You argue less since small things don’t bug you.
  5. You eat better so you don’t complain about food.
  6. Your wife will start paying more attention to you.
  7. Your testosterone levels are high, making women want you more.
  8. A good MWK makes you feel like a king.
    However, it is not for everyone. If you know you fall in love with people you sleep with (women, I am talking to you !!!) - don’t try it.
    To cheat you have to be heartless.

Okwonkwo approves this message.

Go forth all ye that are in bondage and cheat on thy spouses.

I got more than enough to buy this research. Esp hapo number saba.

wape rusa tu!! ubaya ukam na hekaya venye ulicheswo

No.6 nimekataa kapsaaa

Women are less likely to cheat on cheaters because you will bust them very early.
The faithfool guy who says my wife can never cheat is the usual one who gets played.


@hcaikp are you reading this?

This is akin to advising a sick person that taking poison can save their lives.

[SIZE=6]but remember…
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Nmesoma iyo maneno ni bullshit tu mimi nmepata bibi yeye ndio mwk na main chick wangu siwes enda kula nje na vile ako mkamba ananipea mbaya sana

Huyo mkamba wako anapeana nje kama hujui.

hapo kwa no.7…do women smell testosterone levels? jus askin

Yes. The more you fuck, natural selection rewards you with more women. The less you fuck, even the one you have is withdrawn from you.

natural selection… sounds like manna still falls. lol

o_Oenda ambia bibi hiyo uone kama utaamka kesho

boss!! hio kukupea mbaya sana ni dry run