cheap fuel

There is cheap fuel in Eldoret and kiambu county.The tax on this fuel is still 8% to buy this fuel you need a UDA card.

Mijingaaaaaaa useles


Nyonya @uwesmake mboro bila kutusumbua na ushenzi , coomerniner

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from what

Price of petrol in Libya is 5 kenya shillings per litre. The distance from Libya to Kenya by road is 6720 kms. A Libyan traveling to Kenya on a car that consumes 1 litre per 18 kilometres wouldn’t spend more than 1900 shillings on petrol. A Kenyan traveling from Nairobi to Mombasa i.e. appx 400kms on same car would spend at least 4000 shillings on petrol. Tafakari hayo.[SIZE=1]Na zikishika sana uendee mafuta ya wiki mzima Libya over the weekend.[/SIZE]

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