ChatGPT chieth

Five cars are packed in a row. Car B is packed right of car A but not next to car C. Car D is parked to the left of car C and right of car B. Car E is packed farthest to car C. Which car has no car packed to it’s left?

Can’t provide the right answer to that. Disappointed…,

Garbage in garbage out.

How do you “pack” a car??

ChatGPT si mama yako

Chatgpt will reason the way you want it to.
Ask it a Bonobo question (like that one) and it will answer you very politely.

Nimekuwa village chief for a long time nipandishe cheo

If the answer is not on google search results, ChatGPT will not help you.



Opuss. ChatGPT has answered far complex questions that Google struggles with.

Can ChatGPT intuitively reason?

Do this, stop using free things. Lipia GPT Plus, activate Wolfram plugins on GPT4 and have a reasoning partner! That disappointed is sent in the wrong direction :slight_smile:

Yes, it can. ChatGPT-4 to be specific.

Even without plugins, it can still reason better than 99% of us.


Have you used ChatGPT4 for anything profitable?

Yes. Every day. I’m literally paid to use it. My affiliate site is 100% ChatGPT content with a human touch of course.
Actually, I am just doing what I am good at, but 10x faster with GPT4.

Hii nugu Simiyu22 iko right. Chatgtp is just crawles the internet for “answers”

Umeona hiyo example hapo juu ya kamjesh?

You know Google simply indexes your questions to other sites? While GPT processes your query to understand it and give back a proper answer?

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