Chasing after the wind, like literally
A certain neighbor to Dr @Luther12 is about to make what he thinks is a major breakthrough- fabricating a chopper powered by a secondhand Jienchen engine.

Hata kama tunasema we need to innovate, I think it is stupid to reinvent the wheel or saw sawdust. Wright brothers did this shiet in 1903 for heavens sake. Since then, aircraft design has undergone so much transformation, but this genius guy is making something poorer than what we had in 1903. And we hail him as “innovative, passionate and likely to go far”. He would better focus his energies on something more worthwhile, like growing tobacco or digging pit latrines.

And the most stupid part is that his “innovation” emerged as one of the top innovations at the Embu ASK Show. Stupid judges those ones.


The guy has no idea how an aircraft flies

eti “it has no propellers to push against air”

He has no knowledge of the physics in it …and the principle of low and high pressure

I support you.

The whole scenario is painful at its best.

Stop hating. This guy has drive. He doesn’t know how it works, but he is willing to put energies/time to fabricate this contraption. Now, if he had proper education, he would use the energies/time better.

This kind of drive is what revolutionized Asia. Of course, there were nay sayers who laughed at Chinese guys making counterfeit phones. Why did they need to make them? Weren’t there existing fabricators/manufacturers in the West? Look at them now. Where are their iPhones made? Where is the largest dollar reserve in the world? Would that have been possible without the first rudimentary fabricators?

So, in your analogy, this guy may be the next competitor of Bell Helicopters ama unataka kusema nini? If he was so passionate about making something that can fly, he should have started by making toy helicopters, but again, those have already been made, so nothing new there as well. Si ajaribu kutengeneza a solar-powered goat, or something like that.

Alafu it can fly at max 2 meters high. Is it even practical? Ama ni safety precaution in the guaranteed event of a crash?

the world moved to drones. if only we could make drones badala ya kujisumbua na choppers. drones kwanza uunde na iwe succesfull getting investors will not be a problem chopper though is waste of time. my 2 cowrie shells

Again, I’m responsible for what I type. Not how you understand it.

I am not endorsing his contraption. I am against the negative vibe you are trying to paint his endeavor in. He isn’t on the first plane to China to buy stuff to sell to the masses like the rest of us. There is no growth in that. He on the other hand, can improve with the right input.

What is the difference between helicopter guy and this guy

if this guy can weld that contraption together he needs to be encouraged to become a professional welder, kenya is importing welders for the pipeline construction

There is a world of differences between the engineer and the jua kali guy. One is making money by fulfilling a REAL need, while the other is blowing money on some stupid endeavors whose end game is not even defined. Suppose he accurately manages to replicate the 1903 plane by wright brothers, then what? Start mass producing them? Unless you tell me that he is doing this as a hobby, ni upuss of the first kind.

I think that the most obvious thing one does before starting a project is to conduct a feasibility study. Sasa wewe ukiangalia, huyu jamaa anafanya kitu feasible, ama ni upuss? And the sadness of the whole thing is that judges thought that his contraption is very innovative.

I wish he was in china shopping for toy helicopters to sell back in Embu. It is more sensible.

I give up.

Hii anafaa apeleke paa ya paa art exhibition this dude can make great metal sculptures mambo ya innovation asahau.

Now here is a cash generating idea. All he needs is someone to convince him that his skill can be productive elsewhere and probably take him to gallaries around to see iron art.
Basically some one to channel his energy and skill.

A very good move by Nyaga. Thats the point, the guy is doomed to fail, how will the younger generation learn to have practical dreams? its through failures that others learn. Science clubs in high school was meant to breed realistic dreams through science congress done every year, the government knows there is no new meaningfull invention coming from high school kids but their dreams are natured there to sieve realistic dreams from bogus ones - Kenya hasnt succeeded well yet but its untill Nyaga and the likes do weired stuff that we realise there is a step they missed when younger.

for those supporting that contraption, compare to this; i get a big metal box and put it on display in a science expo and claim its a car and that the only thing remaining is fixing the wheels, engine and other accessories… seriously this guy should be slapped the living daylights out of him! hii ni aibu

there is a very big difference between the two… the ngunjiri guy bought ready made parts and got qualified personell to install and also run the project… he did not try to manufacture / innovate any part like the helicopter guy…
and there are quite a number of small private hydropower projects in the country especially in central and theres still potential for many many more especially in western kenya. the only thing that hinders their development is the prohibitive costs, politics and bereucracy from kplc ( you generate power and then wanakataa kununua ama wananunua bei ya upuuzi, case in point the mumias sugar power plant also i know embu water and sanitation company generate some power at their water treatment plant but kplc dont buy juu haifiki the minimum they buy)

He should not be slapped, clearly he missed a step when he was younger, thats what we need fixed

At his age, he should be the one mentoring and showcasing valid innovations

You are right. Apewe mungari aendeshe mpaka atosheke.

Very well put.