Charley Pride

I grew up on his music. His soul rest in peace.


Very sad day

Another Covid victim.


I remember kila “spring” cleaning lazma LP yake iwekwe na matha na itazimwa after kazi za nyumba zimeisha,saa hio kila sibling imepewa kazi yake


RIP. I met the guy many times at a Country Club I used to work and he was one of the 3 only Black Members.
He was always looking for me asking: “Where is Kenya today?..”

Always talked of his closeness to The late Nyerere who’d make sure they met when visiting the US, and how often he visited TZ Statehouse.
He even climbed Mt Kilimanjaro once.

Never heard of him. May he rest in peace.

Diversify your genre outside Ohangla and mugithi and you will know these people

:smiley: Mugithi yes am guilty…Ohangla???usiniambie ni zile mavitu za Mbilia Bel??.. no idea what you are on about chappie. Mimi ni mtu wa manay other genres.

RIP Charley Pride. We adore and love your inspiring country

I think you mean he even trekked up Mt. Kilimanjaro. :wink:
Bonus Fun Fact: Mt. Kilimanjaro used to be in present day Kenya. But Queen Victoria gifted it to her grandson Wilhelm II of Germany as a birthday gift.
2nd Bonus Fun Fact: The British Monarchs are actually Germans. “Long live the queen,” chant the Monarchist Brits.
R.I.P. to the great man.

You mean a whole mountain was birthday gift.!..seems like he never unwrapped it

Maybe he’s still busy unwrapping it. The snow is melting off the mountain fast. Some estimates say as soon as within 15 years there will be no snow on Mt. Kilimanjaro. All estimates say it will be within our lifetime.

[SIZE=1]The (wo)man that hath no country music in himself, nor is not moved with concord of country sweet sounds, is fit for treasons, stratagems, and spoils; the motions of his spirit are dull as night, and his affections dark as Erebus. let no such (wo)man be trusted. Mark the music. Dolly Parton[/SIZE]

[SIZE=7]Charley Pride Covid-19 Death Linked To Country Music Assn. In Tweets By Maren Morris, Mickey Guyton[/SIZE]

The death of country music legend Charley Pride is being questioned by several of the genre’s stars, who are wondering whether his performance at the Country Music Association’s indoor awards show a month before he acquired Covid-19 may be connected.


Singer Maren Morris led the inquiries on Saturday. In a since-deleted tweet, Morris suggested the indoor event could be the reason behind Pride getting Covid-19 and dying from its complications.

The CMA awards were held on Nov. 11 at the Music City Center in Nashville, Tennessee, and were televised by ABC. Unlike many awards shows, the CMAs were held indoors and had many stars attend in person. They sat at tables with faces uncovered, although the organization claimed it extensively tested everyone.

Pride, the first Black country music star, performed his hit “Kiss An Angel Good Mornin’” at the show in what would be his final public performance before dying Saturday at age 86. He was honored with a Lifetime Achievement award at the show.

Morris tweeted that people should be “outraged” if there’s a CMAs connection to Pride’s death.

“I don’t want to jump to conclusions because no family statement has been made. But if this was a result of the CMAs being indoors, we should all be outraged. Rest in power, Charley,’ Morris wrote.

Singer Mickey Guyton, another artist who attended the event, replied to Morris’s tweet, saying “Gurl I thought the same damn thing.” Guyton added later, “We need answers as to how Charley Pride got covid.”

The CMAs defended itself in a statement, and has claimed it followed safety protocols.

“After returning to Texas following the CMA Awards, Charley again tested negative multiple times. All of us in the Country Music community are heartbroken by Charley’s passing. Out of respect for his family during their grieving period, we will not be commenting on this further.”

Several artists dropped out of the CMAs after testing positive for the coronavirus.

RIP Charlie Pride, my parents loved country , his music was a constant in our home…