Charles Ouda

Killed himself because his woman was cheating.A person of his stature can hire hitmen to kill fiancee

The nigga is a simp. Meffi yeye. Parachuting to embobut forest was an option he didn’t consider


Why bother hiring hitmen when you can walk into sj and go deal with PNC baadaye or walk into one of the many lounges and get a fresh flesh peddler or slay queen for an nth of the price.


The problem is that guys expect alot from women.


The woman was conceived during a disco matanga. Ndio maana roho humuonyesha afuate jaruo. Wanafanana spiritually

Okuyus pia mna Mila na beliefs za kipuzi hivo…

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It’s not just a kiuk thing

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Kuna wengine pia?

Yes. It’s forbidden to fuck during hindu 13 day moaning period


a show of might

It’s a taboo in western and Nyanza too.


Huyu alisahau women wako wengi duniani

i heard that after death there is some crazy fucking wakirudisha huyo amekufa .

Source of your info?

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That guy was just a 38 yr old child. Sadly kuna wengi.

so hundus will just moan for 13 days without fucking?


Yes. They only fuck 6 days a month during the highly fertile period of a woman on normal days, according to their religion. That’s why muhimdi bosses are always horny and their population is over pouring

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They “moan” for 13 days?! Umbwa wewe.

Uko na akili ndogo kuliko kuku. Google is free retard

Clearly huna akili. I don’t talk to door knobs, umbwa.