Charles Ouda to be cremated..this rite fit all simps in the land

Cremation a rite that is still controversial to many people in Africa because of our strong allegiance to Christianity and Islam is mostly practiced by the urbanites edgy, my point is simps need to be buried by cremation rites because they have refused to embrace the reality side of life…how can a man be so disillusioned, to thr point of building your foundation on a woman’s life…a creature that is by nature selfish, love only it’s progeny, never loyal to anyone only it’s interests and then the obvious monkey branching…dying because of a woman is bonobism


Maybe i missed something but did he really die because of a woman? An old woman for that matter?

Rumor has it yes because she was playing games women play,

Tell me how a cremated body which is now ash shall be resurrected for judgement day.

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And how will a decomposed body which is now soil be resurrected for judgement day…


We have to start thinking differently. You find a family with a small piece of shamba imejaa makaburi.
May be County governments should begin providing areas where we can bury our dead. Ama wacha watu wachomwe. Anyway when you are dead you are gone.

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Judgment day ni hekaya. Your heaven or hell iko hapa hapa…no retries

Thats what i believe also

Read “The God Delusion”. Richard Dawkins. Read it now.

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No way his tribe would have buried him honorably. I saw something on twitter that in his tribe, if you die by suicide, you are buried kimatharau, at night, without prayers. That would have been very shameful to the world. And therefore, Kuavoid that treatment cremation.

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What does cremation got to do with simping?
Mimi pia I want cremation 24hrs following my death.
I have even told my people that.

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Maragoli ya Mudete Tea Factory utazika usiku pia?


Hakuna haja ya tent na wake wiki nzima. Nikuenda ukiendaga. Same plan here.

Kumbe unakuwanga mjinga hivi. Kazi ni kudinyana tu


Mtu wa suicide na hapo nyanza and western anazikwa usiku kwa mandizii na hukoooooo kwanza anachapwa viboko apeleke ushenzi ahera

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With all your body count kweli unakumbuka mambo ya judgment day? Wakisii kweli…

@Willywonka will stub his toe in his house and find a way to blame women. I know that women are the universal scapegoat but this is pushing it. This is why I always advise women to avoid helping chimpanzees. A man is living off a woman which is very common nowadays and then instead of applause she will get blamed for his mental health issues. Women normalize staying single. This hobosexual dating is not worth it. Stop dating dysfunctional men pls you better stay single.

It’s probable. But it’s also probable he had expressed his desire to be cremated upon his demise. He seems to have come from a well off family given he attended saint Mary’s school. Am still curious why he committed without leaving a note. The rumor mill is on overdrive trying to blame the fiancee or depression

Jaluo jinga anajiuwa juu ya postwall takataka